Fendall Emson

Lead inventor in the Twilight Kingdom

Member of the Starlight Guild Fendall Toliar Emson

Fendell Emson is the lead inventor in the Twilight Kingdom, and one of King Rister's closest friends. He is known for many things, but the two most notable were the invention of the cannon, and his earned seat on the Starlight's Council.   He is married to Lillian Emson, and has a child with her named Kurt. Fendall's father was known for being the inventor of the ballista in this world.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Fendall grew up in the harsh, unforgiving world of the Realms in the town of Alabek. His mother died when he was young, and his father lived until he was 17. His father taught him almost everything he knows about inventing and magic (though he is not gifted) and was actually the inventor of this worlds version of the ballista. He died fighting the Lich's dragon Urgha, and was actually the one the gravely wound it. Fendall quickly earned the trust of the town's mayor, Magland Vants, and eventually was assigned the task of training his secret daughter, Aala Vants.   After the events of "The Dusk" arc, Fendall has had a child with his new wife Lillian. His new son Kurt is only two and a half years old at the moment, and Fendall is struggling to baby proof his work space at home with a fair amount of trial and error. Fendall has grown to be close friends with King Rister Reiktoten, and is considered by many to have been instrumental in the Lich's defeat those five years ago.


The Twilight Kingdom's lead inventor.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creator of the cannon / Creator of the Looking Glass / Member of the Starlight Guild / Creator of cinderchrome bullets / Owner of "The Emson Family Workshop"

Mental Trauma

Fear of dragons / Fear of being alone

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical / Forward thinking / Prepared / Open minded / Caring

Morality & Philosophy

Fendall is a man with a good heart, who truth be told is yet to find a religion he believes in due to being trapped on an island without it for his entire life.

"Fendall Emson, at your service!"
Year of Birth
1034 38 years old
Biological Sex
Short, reddish brown
140 lbs
Known Languages


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