Duchy of Everstar

The crowning jewel of the Twilight Kingdom, and home of both King Rister and his Everstar Tower. The Duchy of Everstar is not only the capital of its kingdom, it's also where all the kingdom's money is manufactured and distributed. The duchy does feature the kingdom's largest population count, most of which is located within the town of Brixton at the base of the Everstar Tower. The forest surrounding Everstar Keep is lush and full, which is surprising due to the deadness of that particular section of the world under the Lich's reign. Outside of Brixton are many little settlements, cottages, farms, and cabins all sprinkled about, and the Everstar port is the main, and largest port in all the kingdom. The Duchy of Everstar is also home to Castle Drachen, the main military outpost of its district.


Run entirely by King Rister Reiktoten and his Starlight Guild.


Not quite as diverse as the Barony of Bellin, but right behind it in terms of opportunity and business. The duchy is not, and was never meant to be, the central hub for the kingdom's people, and because of that it will be a long time before it can hold a candle to Bellin or Alabek, but with the sheer population it holds, jobs are frequent, and due to its impressive port, it also features the kingdom's largest selection of seafood and oceanic goods.

Guilds and Factions

The Starlight Guild A group of Rister's closest allies, that help to inform and dictate the kingdom's biggest decisions.


Once known as the dark forest, or the darkwood, this section of the island used to be the home of the Dusk Lich, and the tower King Rister now lives within was a tall, black, omen of the darkness that gripped the land. The forests around the spire were all dead, trees kept up with some form of special undead magic. The very dirt was grey and sick looking, and the land in entirety breathed despair, but after the Lich's defeat, and the forming of the Twilight Kingdom, that has all changed. Primarily thanks to the barrier staff that now powers the island's defensive shield, the forest has regrown, fresh, new, and lush.


Very wooded area, but otherwise fairly flat, sloping downward towards the sea. The forest is vibrant and full, and the rivers and streams that run through it and into the ocean are some of the kingdom's clearest and cleanest.

Natural Resources

Duskwood trees / various woods and flora

Alternative Name(s)
New Darkwood
Inhabitant Demonym
Rister Reiktoten
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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