County of Alabek

The most industrialized county in the Twilight Kingdom. The County of Alabek also houses the largest market, third largest population, and is seen as a must stop tourist location. One of the most prominent places to visit in all of Alabek County, is the Vants family museum, a large building dedicated to the family who started it all.


Run by its earl, Fendall Emson


The county of Alabek is built on merchants, shops, trade, and other money making industries. Inhabitants can be anything from farmers, to carpenters, stonemasons, blacksmiths, jewelers, tailors, hunters, butchers, and many, many others.

Guilds and Factions

The Sunset Merchants A large guild of merchants that are mainly interested in investing in new merchants, new businesses, and getting them established within the district. The Sunset Merchants have fingers in every pie that Alabek has.


Before the fall of the Lich, and King Rister, the County of Alabek was actually nothing more than just a town in a large clearing. It was seen as a shelter for the lost, and a light against the shadows. After the war, Alabek was already having to be rebuilt and reworked, and under Fendall's new leadership, production skyrocketed to make what it is now.


The County of Alabek has continued to expand, pushing the meadow like grasslands that surround its buildings outward. Most of the land is a massive valley, filled with businesses, homes, and tourist attractions, but its edges are heavily forested.

Natural Resources

All manner of goods and services.

Inhabitant Demonym
Fendall Emson
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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