Barony of Vantstadt

Perhaps the least inhabited district on the entirety of Dusk Island that's ruled in any way by King Rister, the Barony of Vantstadt is a sort of memorial to the Vants family, whom Rister owes his life, his kingdom, and his current friends. The land is constantly being pioneered little by little as it is one of the island's most beautiful locations. It is seen as a slightly more governed, and much safer version of the Marshlands.


Run directly by King Rister Reiktoten.


A land barely inhabited with large swaths of untamed forest and wilds, Vantstadt is a place for the pioneers and the fresh starters, and thus, has very little jobs or revenue currently. It's only real forms of real income are from a few inns located in it's lush wood.


Named in honor of Magland, Aala, Irene, and Kynar Vants.


Densely forested, with several small streams flowing between the Marshlands and Lake Refuge. Everything about the district is lush and filled to the brim with nature.

Natural Resources

Duskwood trees / plenty of flora and fauna.

Rister Reiktoten
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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