Barony of Bellin

The jack of all trades when it comes to county's within the Twilight Kingdom. Bellin has the second largest population, and is the most populated due to its size. Known for having the second most fortified residential focused town, Bellin, this barony is considered the heart of the Twilight Kingdom.


Run by its baron, Bboyd Shortsight.


Due to Bellin and its surrounding villages being the second most populated in all of the Twilight Kingdom, jobs are many and important. Citizens can get jobs on the Bellin guard, in shops and trade houses, and as hunters, farmers, or gatherers. Bellin is the jack of all trades, not just in it's feel and resourcefulness, but in it's large variety of jobs and opportunities.

Guilds and Factions

The Bellin Guard Due to Bellin's high population and the understanding of its popularity by both King Rister and the baron Bboyd, a certain amount of manpower is required to keep everyone safe, and to keep the law. The Bellin Guard have several different positions, all equally important, whether it be wall watchers, tower guards, or sheriff like entities on the ground.


Before the fall of the Lich and King Rister, Bellin was simply Alabek's sister town, and functioned mostly as just a military location and fortress for the Dusk Smotherers (now known as the Twilight Wardens). It eventually fell under the Lich's might, and was turned to ruin, before being found and rebuilt to an extent by the Starlight guild. This was until it was eventually burned down again by Urgha, the Lich's dragon, and then restored once more after the war to what it is now.


With so many buildings and a wall around the center town, the Barony of Bellin has a sort of clearing toward the center, not nearly on the same level as Alabek's clearing, and not nearly as maintained, mostly on purpose, the surrounding area around the main town and villages of the barony are heavily forested and, for the most part, flat, save for it's Eastern point, which gets more and more gradually hilly / mountainous as it goes, feeding into the Sacred Wilds.

Natural Resources

Liveroot / Duskwood trees, wood, saplings

Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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