It's been five years after the death of the Lich. In those five years a lot has happened in the Twilight Kingdom. Under Rister's new leadership the land has flourished. Alabek remains in good condition, although it has seen it's final days as the crown jewel of the Dusk Isle. It is now more of a merchant's district, featuring many shops and inns. Almost a tourist trap of sorts, a selling point for those looking for a new home. At the head of the town is the old Vants mansion which has been remodeled a bit to function as both a memorial to Magland and Aala, and as the town's best and biggest Inn. Famous for its incredible kitchen and sandwiches, as well as the last place the war criminal Shadrin Ondasha attacked before his disappearance.

Alternative Name(s)
The Clearing
Large town
Owning Organization
The Twilight Kingdom


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