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Magic Users of Querth

"We are Fluments, weakings. Hadeen Fluments in fact." - Baron Vinquelis, Fief Bjorn of the Daxs Kingdom.


The magic users of the world are called “Fluments” for the Celestial Blessed [another name, commonly used by commoners], the Demon Cursed are known as “Girments”. A rare occurrence of both Cursed and bless are known as “Glifurs”. The ones who cannot use magic are collectively known as “Valents”. Variants of the naming convention include the addition of titles like “Quas” for talented or extremely gifted, “Zeph” for unwieldly users. Hierarchy of magic tier in term of power ranges, [bottom up] “Wier”, “Xia”, “Virm”, “Hadeen”, “As’nel”, “Heorm” and “Lar’ce”. Magic is usually obtained via the Dragonstone festival [gifted by the Celestials], drinking the liquid from the crystal goblet in the valley of Celestials or gifted by the Demons through the blood ritual of the bull skull. The factions of users are split between the Celestial Blessed, Demon Cursed and Nu Wiertan. Each is further broken down into the kingdoms, Demon Lords and Voids. Magic is technically available to everyone, but by the age of 20, the Mage’s Gland would have been absorbed mostly back into the body. Leaving little to no chance of gaining the use of magic. If one is yet to be blessed. A loophole is to drink from the goblet, which is said to appear once in 50 years. Or be Demon Cursed.


Places that Held the Dragonstone Festival and places of Carnage are where you would find a powerful concentration of Fluger or Yuio respectively, this would then cause the presence of the Celestials to form in the Astral plane that can be seen in the physical world and the same for the Demons. The only other place is the location of the Crystal Goblet, said to appear once in 50 years and no one knows where it is.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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