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Magic in Querth

"You are all Magically Gifted! Do you not know?" - Quet, Cleric in the Castle Library


The magic is manifested through the use of bio-catalysts “Mage’s Gland”, which are small membranes developed like an extra layer of skin within the palms usually in the non-dominant hand and links via a nerve to the cortex of the brain.   The fuel for magic is Fluger and Yuio.   The user summons magic by the spells of the glyphs of their inner dimension [or inner world], or the visual imaging of the effects of the spell, or entities in the inner world.   - The abilities of the magic vary user to user, but generally, a certain element is integrated as the person’s unique magic “Frequency/Type”. It is noted that depending on the Karma allegiance of the user or phycology adds the “Aether” or “Nether” Aura to the element of the user, in rare cases, the user may also develop the duality of both “Aether” and “Nether” aura separately. The more Aether a person, the purer the fuel and vice versa for Yuio.


Most Magic Activation is found in the Inner World of users, which in some sense, is described as being the Astral Plane of the world of Querth. In some cases, the Inner World of users can be a new world altogether.

Metaphysical, Astral

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