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Magic Fuel in Querth

"Fluger and Yuio are widespread as it is... It's a Gift and Curse of those above and below us... The God's Treaty with The Celestials and The Abyss. Ether fills the air around us... but too raw and weak for use plus, leave it long enough and it flows to the Eye or back to the high heavens..." - Terrease'ia, Old Librarian Witch.


They are manifested naturally from the High Heavens and the Eye through the void to the Realms. Fluger flows from the Edge of the Explored Ice Shelves to the Eye decays along the way like hot air cooling to cooler air. The Yuio flows from the Eye to the High Heavens near the edge of the Explored Ice Shelves, exploding into Auras as Yuio is rebirthed back into Fluger, like cold air gaining heat and becomes hot air.


The localisation of the Fluger is more concentrated on the Explored Ice Shelves, while Yuio is more concentrated the closer you are to the Eye. The Continents of Querth has Yuio and Fluger spread equally, but there are certain places that are more aligned with Aether or Nether, that helps with the clockwise flow of Fluger and Yuio.


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