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Continent: Xar

"Ah... The continent of Xar... It is one of the most oldest of landmasses... Home to many powerful creatures..." - Old Map Dragon, Ghu Tulian


A massive landmass of plains, hills, forests and a valley of Volcanos. It is located at the most Northwestern region on the map.

Flora & Fauna

The Continent is well known for several World Record Floras. This includes the Gaint Conwood trees, Thick Oak trees and the Brim Dust Fig. Faunas come in the variety of the Massive Boulder Kongs, Lavamanders, El Bulls, Fir deers, Cerberian Wolf hounds, Iron Bears and Snow Flayers.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources of the Mineral and Wood variety is plentiful in Xar. The Great Southern Plains provides a savannah environment for the local faunas to thrive while providing rich soil for the farmers thanks to ancient eruptions of the volcanos north of the plains. Underground and areas near the Salermandrakes' Spine [The chain valley of volcanos] contains almost half the worlds resource of rare minerals, gems and metal.
Alternative Name(s)
Nar' Bulus

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