Realms Of Creation Metaverse


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No one knows where the metaverse came from. Some say the Doctor created it. Some credit a mysterious entity called The Author. All we know today is that the metaverse is far far older than it seems. The year seems to be 9966. But in reality its ███████████████████. We also once thought that the metaverse is all that exists. In reality, █████████████████████████████ With all these questions, and more forming nearly every day, people start to wonder what the origin of the metaverse is. And what, if anything, existed before it?
The answer seemed to lie in two seemingly failed projects of the Doctor's: The Framework, and a project known only as the Origin Project. But what shadows lie hiding within the seemingly peaceful past of our reality?
And will they like being woken back up from their eons long slumber?

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