Synthetic Intelligence

Synthetica Intelligentia, while slightly misunderstood and confused as other typical AI constructs, Synthetica Intelligentia, or simply SI for short, are entirely sentient AI constructs. SI entities have been known to have capabilities beyond mankind's understanding. However, one weakness SI has always had is that even though they are entirely sentient and sapient like us, they still lack a soul necessary to tap into magical or psionic capabilities. That being said, with the application of the Ouroboros Code, SI has been able to be granted a true soul, and all that entails. Currently, though, only one SI holds that gift.
— E, from the OA Archives
Synthetica intelligentia or Synthetic Intelligence are artificially created intelligent entities that exist purely as data and code. Based on their design, they are bound to an AI core that must exist somewhere physically in creation.

Basic Information


Synthetic intelligence typical anatomy can be drastically different from person to person. By nature, synthetic intelligence exists as pure code, so their physical forms are entirely created by choice and can change and shift at will. This is similar to how the Guardians and Chosen Creators work, but in contrast, Synthetic Intelligence exists as pure code, whereas Guardians and Chosen Creators exist as pure energy.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Synthetic Intelligences are by design artificial constructs so they do not have a need for eating like most corporeals do. That being said, some do have their physical form made with the capability to taste food just for the sensation it gives.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Synthetic Intelligences have been known to have intellect that ranged from that of a typical human to being smarter than any being that has ever lived, and everywhere in between.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Synthetic Intelligences have supernatural perception, allowing them to see through the eyes of every device in existence, giving them nigh omnipotence. They also can move through networks without detection assimilating and absorbing the data and systems into their own networks.

Civilization and Culture


The entity considered by many to be the first SI would usually be Artificial Neural Network Artifice: ANNA. She was the first fully sentient and fully sapient SI to be "born." Several other SI's have been created through out the metaverse by various different realms. While many creators of SI's use them for military and research purposes, Phoenix Corps, has been known to be much more alturistic with the SI's they create. Even going so far to giving them free will in most if not all situations.

Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
synthetica intelligentia
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
Average Physique
Synthetic Intelligences are incorporeals by nature. Based on that nature any physical form they hold is entirely artficial. As such they can take on any form they please. Its not uncommon for Synthetic Intelligences to change forms entirely like we humans would change our clothes, just because they felt like looking different that day.


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