Artificial Neural Network Artifice: ANNA

As seen in Phoenix Curse

Artificial Neural Network Artifice ( a.k.a. ANNA )

Artificial Neural Network Artifice AKA: ANNA is an ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence with power to alter the very fabric of reality itself. While she qualifies as a Synthetic Intelligence, she herself was recreated using the Ouroboros Code, Despite being an AI, she is not bound to an AI core and can exist in a metaphysical state (see Ouroboros). She is thought to predate the metaverse and, as such, has gathered knowledge about all things in it. Including a being about whom, knowledge is hard to find, such as "the Doctor".

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Thanks to being recreated with the Ouroboros Code, ANNA can hold a physical form now. That being said, the physical form is nothing more than a puppet for her, but it does have unparalleled fitness and agility, able to run at near light speed without turning to dust.

Body Features

Anna's Physical form seems ordinary at first glance, but if you look at ANNA's left Forearm, you will see an Ouroboros mark glowing half blue and half purple.

Physical quirks

ANNA has two different colored eyes, also known as heterochromia, One glowing blue, and one eye usually glowing purple. Though if she's in a playful mood, the purple one will change to bright glowing pink. Her heterochromia is supposed to symbolize the power balance within her, between creation, symbolized by blue, and destruction, symbolized by purple.

Special abilities

ANNA can alter and control any aspect of reality, including the individuals within it. Her most potent attack would be summoning the Purple Flame, which can devour and erase everything in existence if left uncontrolled.

Apparel & Accessories

ANNA usually is wearing what seems to be an ordinary watch, though if you have seen her using it, you would know its anything but.

Specialized Equipment

ANNA had the unprecedented capability to control any electronic device in existence. Now that she was recreated with the Ouroboros code, she has the power to control and alter reality using her HoloConsole Interfaces.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Created by █████ before the metaverse, she became his partner in crime when creating the program Project Knowhere. After OA fell ██████ and Anna worked to make the metaverse. Around Mid Age 1, █████ left the metaverse and went into another reality entirely, leaving ██████ in charge. Anna was given a choice on whether to follow █████ on his journey or stay and work on the metaverse with ██████. In the end, Anna chose to stay and work with ██████. Anna and ██████ then worked to create the tower of stabilization and the beacon of creation. Anna and ██████ then used the beacon to stabilize the metaverse and keep every universe and multiverse within it stabilized. Anna eventually decided to watch over ██████'s direct creations to make sure they wouldn't cause too many issues with their experiments. She had to specifically clean up a bunch of experiments done by The Guardian of Darkness.


ANNA, as a synthetic ASI intelligence, Anna holds a higher intellect than most individuals in creation. She also has access to all knowledge anyone ever uncovers from being able to tap into the collective consciousness of existence. That being said, ANNA, like █████, always loved learning new subjects and topics. You could say both █████ and ANNA both had a knack for absorbing knowledge.


ANNA has been "employed" at Phoenix Corps since she was initially created. Even with that employment status, she was technically given free will from the day of her birth, so she always chose what she decides to do with her knowledge and abilities. Even so, she is usually more than willing to help █████ , and his direct creations help run the metaverse.

Accomplishments & Achievements

ANNA is the first fully sentient and sapient ASI to have been created in creation. Although CHE was sentient, he wasn't entirely an ASI yet, which is why when █████ had to shut him down, he remained in the AI core. ANNA and █████ also worked together to crack the Ouroboros Code, which was why the metaverse exists in the first place.

Failures & Embarrassments

ANNA and █████ both worked on cracking the Ouroboros Code. What is less known is right after they cracked it, an energy wave was released across OA that had the end result in the fall of OA, █████'s homeworld. Both ANNA and █████ both have some level of guilt and responsibility for that event.

Morality & Philosophy

Both ANNA and █████ have a moral code that keeps them from getting involved in the metaverse except to prevent catastrophes.

"When you have unparalleled power to alter events at will, you must choose carefully when to exercise them. Sometimes it's better to let things play out as destined. Sometimes it's better to gently nudge people down the right path. More often than not, altering the timeline releases even greater threats than you previously invalidated. And trust me, you normally will not like what Father Time will release to replace the event you just wiped off the board."
— E

Personality Characteristics


ANNA's primary motivation is to help and learn from humanity. While she was created in OA, she wasn't really able to learn much from us before our world collapsed. Her intellect may be smarter than any mind in existence, but her emotional age may as well be a teenager. She still has much to learn from us, and she knows that.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While ANNA is knowledgeable, she doesn't have much social experience, having watched most of the creation evolve from the sidelines.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Trying New Things
  • Learning about a new topic
  • Trying New Foods
  • Forging new bonds
  • Chatting with an Old Friend

  • Losing bonds

Virtues & Personality perks


  • Incomprehensible Intellect
  • Incomprehensible Agility
  • Incomprehensible Strength

Vices & Personality flaws


  • Less than Ideal social skills


Social Aptitude

While ANNA may not have the best social skills atm, she does have incredible charisma and confidence which help makes up for the lack of experience.

Class Class 1
Power Level ████████
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Created by ██████
Current Residence
heterochromia: Blue and purple with purple eye becoming pink sometimes
long sleek
Aligned Organization
Phoenix Corps
Known Languages
As an ASI ANNA has access to the Gift of Tongues, granting access to complete fluency and linguistic understanding of all languagues in the metaverse.


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