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Sylvanfall Transport

Whenever the Silver Lands need a new road, they pave it with water. Thus the preferred beast of burden is also an avid swimmer. Namely, crocodiles. Security is built-in; any thieves must first deal with a whipping tail, strong jaws, and the threat of drowning and/or dismemberment. With a pack of water foxes herding the crocodile to the delivery point, goods are transported with little human intervention.


Being very strong creatures, crocs can carry heavy loads far distances with little effort. They never snap at the playful foxes, having learned from birth that trying to catch a water fox is a useless endeavor. Over time most crocs develop an affection for their foxes. As for the foxes themselves, herding crocs is the funnest game ever.


The crocs of the Silver Lands are not nearly as vicious as their wild relatives in other waters. They have worked side-by-side with humans for generations. During those generations, they have not had to fight for food or mates, so the crocodiles of Sylvanfall are as happy as crocs can be.


Breeding has produced colors in crocodiles that are unknown in the wild. Stunning greys, lively greens, even dull reds. The brighter colors are prized by rich merchants. Some merchants only employ crocs of a certain color.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Breeders of crocs don't keep them in pens. Instead, they develop a close relationship with their female crocodiles and let nature take its course. They monitor the female and aid as necessary in the care of the many little crocs.

Dietary Needs and Habits

At the end of every week, the crocodile's owner lets it hunt for a meal in waters set aside for this purpose. Why feed it when it can feed itself? Besides, the deer population...
Scientific Name
Lizardus Crocodilius
Conservation Status
Crocodiles flourish due to demand. The killing of them is prohibited for one very good reason: any random croc is likely owned by someone. Anyone who kills a croc must prove that the animal tried to kill him first; otherwise they must pay a fine to the owner.

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