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Forest of Ghosts and Shadows and Fearful Frights

If you consider this forest to be a grand place for an evening walk simply by its extreme lack of bugs, you would be sorely mistaken. Yes you shall never meet mosquitoes here, but I'm certain there are plenty of other bloodsuckers to pick up their slack. Granted, this forest is more known for ghosts than for vampires but where darkness is, darkness gathers.

But about the ghosts. Experts say there are likely five ghosts for every tree, though no one can confirm this estimate besides the adventurers who were never seen before or otherwise. We do know there are two types of ghosts, a grey-whitish kind and a grey-black kind. The latter are popularly called shadow ghosts, and they are by far the most dangerous. It's deadly to doubt the experts who have never been there.


Spirit forest sits on rolling hills which lead to the Rim Nasur mountains. There is also Spirit Lake for those who dare traverse the now overgrown footpath, not that anyone would because the lake has obviously been polluted by ghostly ectoplasm. Beware of the mutated animal and plant life.

Fauna & Flora

The ghost wars left a lot of tall stumps scattered throughout which in the twilight look a lot like menacing shadow ghosts. These are not to be confused with the living ghost trees which vanish from sight until you run into them. It's said there is a ghost flower which screams when stepped upon, but that's just a rumor.


One would think the wildlife would be affected by the presence of so many ghosts, but, from what can be seen from afar, the bears and wolves, elk and deer, rabbits and foxes carry on with their lives as normally as any other of their kind who live in non-haunted forests. Apparently they are not as sensitive to spirits as has been supposed.

Alternative Name(s)
Spirit Forest
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
Owning Organization
Characters in Location
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