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The Queen

The Queen is one of the several Entities of the Realm. While she has not traveled to as many worlds as The King, knowledge of her has spread throughout most of the worlds. She is thought to be The King's wife and mother to The Child. Most commonly, she is found walking through a garden or tending to wounded in an infirmary; on occasion, she has been found sitting in a similar throne to The King, sitting to his right, in a Shrine to the Realm.  

Known Abilities

While the full range of abilities of The Queen are unconfirmed, the following are the most common assumed abilities of hers. Other than the first ability, none of them have been confirmed.
  • Playing into her other names, The Queen is known as the most prominent healer and has healed countless numbers of Guardians. She has also healed multiple worlds after the most horrific of wars have taken place. Some worlds believe this ability is limited to those who are nearly lost or fallen worlds.
  • In addition, The Queen has been recorded as providing "blessings" to Guardians. This is not confirmed as one of her abilities though, as these blessings are almost always connected to the Guardian's title or a supposed spell.
  • While also not confirmed, because of her connection to gardens, it is thought that The Queen can heal nature or provided blessings for fertile land.

Other Names

Disregarding translations between various other world languages, the following is a list of other names that The Queen is referred to as.
  • The Mother
  • The Healer
  • The Nurse
  • The Teacher - often times a Guardian heads to a Shrine to the Realm looking for advice, The Queen is most commonly one of the most sought out.

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