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The Outsider

The Outsider is one of the several Entities of the Realm, and is the most known entity. He is even known on worlds that have no connection to the Realm and not just the worlds that lost their connection. He has personally met and welcomed each new group of Guardians, usually the first night after they have finally grouped together. In addition, he presents an offer for off-worlder Guardians to have a one way ticket back to their homeworld after their quest has been completed.   He is seen as an agent of chaos, if not chaos incarnate himself. His mark is seen on every world. If placed on an animal's bone, some bit of magic is gifted to the wielder. Usually to non-guardians, he has given his mark to certain individuals to use as they see fit, and often The Outsider seems to take pleasure in watching the following events unfold. However, this mark is always placed on the back on the left hand is obviously his mark if uncovered, and will usually be looked down upon negatively. While the abilities that the mark grant are based on the individual, some common abilities are known: darksight, a form of movement that is still dependent on the individual, and some misc physical enhancements.

Known Abilities

  While the true nature of The Outsider's power is never able to be understood, the following are assumed abilities but never confirmed. Even the first ability is unconfirmed but from number of occurrences, is basically verified.
  • At minimum on a bone charm, The Outsider's Mark is universally known and as above, grants the object or person it is imbued upon some fragment of magic.
  • Basically confirmed, The Outsider has the ability to enter anyone's dream and send them into a reality-like dream state. This is most often used to have a conversation about events about to unfold.
  • Assumed but not confirmed, The Outsider is thought to be able to bring anyone on any world to or from any other world or the Realm itself, without the use of a portal. Other entities will open a momentary rift to allow others to walk through, but more often than not, The Outsider offers a person their hand to be teleported away. Some dispute that he simply opens a rift and has the ability to move it at will.
  • Also not confirmed, it is believed that The Outsider has access to a "personal" world that he brings dreamers to/from. In the various worlds that believe this is one of his abilities, the refer to it as The Void, The Other Place, or The Broken World. This other world is often described as fragments of other worlds where a location in one world is present but only a small portion of the area. Those that dispute this ability believe it to be a distant section of the Realm itself. Others think of it as a pathway between the worlds it represents. Some think of it as simply a dreamscape that The Outsider has placed in sleeping individual's minds. Regardless of the location, it is well-known that this place or other world exists and has been painted by The Painter or discussed by The Grand Mage. Neither of the other entities have discussed openly what The Outsider or other Guardians have described it as. All paintings have it as a sunless emptiness filled with black rocks/crystals that hold together moments of time found in various worlds. Interestingly though, The Painter has never drawn more than a single world's locations in The Void. Additionally, The Grand Mage has given multiple lectures on The Void, each describing it as a place that no person will ever survive for longer than The Outsider allows it nor are they able to enter or exit without The Outsider's permission. Also, his lectures describe The Void as a shared moment in time stringing together locations of various events that will unfold. The Grand Mage has also stated that the events or locations are not set in stone and should individuals wish, they can change the tide of future events. The limitations on exiting or entering also applies to other entities, and several legends have described The Outsider trapping The King in The Void for an extended amount of time.

Other Names

While nearly every world has a direct translation for "The Outsider", there are multiple legends or myths of the Entities of the Realmthat refer to The Outsider as a different name. The following are the various other names that he has gone by or been referred to as:
  • The Dark One
  • The One in the Shadows
  • The King - See The King, the various worlds that have given The Outsider the same name as The King think of them as the same person. Despite The Outsider himself stating that they are two separate entities, this is still in question.
  • The Keeper of the Void
Art from Dishonored 2

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