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The King

The King is one of the several Entities of the Realm, after the The Child , the King is the third most known entity. He has travelled to every world that hosts a guardian, but save for a few rare exceptions, he stays away from the worlds that has never had a guardian. He makes it a point to at least travel through guardian homeworlds. Often, for those who have earned it, he makes an appearance to a guardian who has earned their title to properly give them the title in a quickened knighting ceremony. He is usually seen on a throne in the world's Shrine to the Realm should a guardian seek council.  

Known Abilities

While the full range of abilities of The King are unconfirmed, the following are the most common assumed abilities of his. Other than the first two, none of them have been confirmed.
  • Throughout all worlds that have hosted a guardian, there has been recordings of appearances by The King. It is believed that he is able to "broadcast" himself to any world he chooses. The King, himself, has even stated that he can appear at any of the connected shrines at any time he sees fit. "For it is better for the King to be present, than someone else claiming to speak on his behalf." Additionally, he is the only one able to officially take a title away from a guardian, and several guardians lost to legend have lost their names.
  • As all guardians receive their title from the King, it is believed that he is the one who grants the abilities behind the titles as well. However, it is still unclear if the title and ability are both granted by him or if he only gives the title itself.
  • While not confirmed, it is believed in some worlds that have not hosted a guardian that The King is the same entity as The Outsider. Even in the worlds that have seen the King, he and The Outsider has never been in the same place together. As well, the legend of the first guardians meeting the entities does have all but the Outsider present; it is not until the guardians are back on a world that they meet the The Outsider.
  • In several stories, The King is depicted as leading countless armies to battle. These armies are described as unrelenting. It is believed that any one under command of the King will not falter or break morale.

Other Names

Disregarding translations between various other world languages, the following is a list of other names that The King is referred to as.
  • The General
  • The Commander
  • The Outsider - the worlds that refer to The King as The Outsider believe that they are the same entity.

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