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The Child

The Child is one of the several Entities of the Realm and is second most known entity, after the The Outsider. They have visited nearly every connected world personally, often playing hide and seek with new potential guardians. However, the majority of the the potentials are not deemed worthy of the title by The Child are often left searching for days. The Child will play a different game on occasion, but there is no pattern to the other games. Other times they simply state, "I need your help" or "X needs your help" and lead the new guardian off to a secluded area. There they gift the new guardian a "quest" to meet with the rest of the other new guardians on another world. After the quest finishes, the guardians from the other world is often met by The Outsider and offered a one way trip back to their homeworld.  

Known Abilities

While the true nature of The Child's powers are often only assumed, the following are only assumed or guessed abilities. Other than the first one, no ability has been confirmed.
  • As the only recorded ability throughout all worlds they have visited, The Child has the ability to initially select potential Guardians of the Realm. Whether the choice comes from one of the others and they simply are the one to test them or if they actually make the choice initially. It is also assumed that The Child does not grant the titles themselves as The King is the one who officially gives guardians their titles.
  • While not confirmed, it is thought that either The Child or The Painter is the entity that changes the order of worlds or the connections between the worlds themselves.
  • Multiple worlds have a legend where The Child heals a guardian that sacrificed their life to protect any of the entities, but none have confirmed this as one of The Child's abilities.
  • Some worlds believe that The Child has swapped titles, but as this occurred only in legends before guardians officially knew their title's power, this is not confirmed.

Other Names

Disregarding translations between various other world languages, the following is a list of other names that The Child is referred to as.
  • The Playful One
  • The Challenger
  • The Chaotic

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