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The rule of Five

The law of life

Written by Endrise

Everything that lives follows five important factors that give it their potential to strive and continue living. For as the very existence of a being consists out of 5 core aspects: Body, Mind, Soul, Chaos and Order.


The Five Aspects

The rule of Five occurs in any living being, whether they're aware of it or not. For some certain aspects of the body are more exaggerated, which in turn also exaggerates other aspects close to said element. Those who completely lack one of the five element physically or mentally could barely, if not at all function.


The body of a being represents their physical form, anything one can touch and feel. Without the body, a creature doesn't have form and technically doesn't exist in a physical sense. Close aspects tend to be Chaos & Order.

Undead embody the aspect of body the most, seeing as they lack either the independent mindset to rationally think, nor the soul to care about their actions. The further they decompose, the more prominent these lacking aspects are.


The mind of a being represents one's logical thoughts and their knowledge, anything one has ever learned throughout their lifetime whether it's information or mindless facts. Without a mind, one can't think and can't make decisions of their own, understand the world around them. Close aspects tend to be Soul & Order.

Fae embody the aspect of Mind, with their association with the arcane. Since they are such magical creatures, many are stable in nature but at the same time also physically frail, tending to follow traditions often a bit too much on the nose.


The soul of a being represents their emotions and their memories, anything that would give them their personality and quirks. Without a soul, one becomes emotionless and heartless, feeling no joy nor sadness for its actions what so ever. Close aspects tend to be Chaos & Mind.

Ghosts embody the aspect of soul the most, since literally they're the remains of one's soul before they become one with the cosmos. Without a body, very often they're easily triggered and emotionally unstable, making it not uncommon for a ghost to just lash out at anyone daring to disturb it.


The chaos of a being represents their will to change, to adapt and improve, giving essentially the randomness to a creature. Without chaos present, one will not change nor improve. Close aspects tend to be Body & Soul.

Demons embody the aspect ofChaos due to them being born in the Infernal Realm itself. Many tend to lack their own logical reasoning, often going on instinct rather than reasonable thought when confronted with problems. This makes them often highly unpredictable.


The order of a being represents their stability, the control of the other aspects of the body. Without order present, one loses logic and sense, all other aspects of their being becoming essentially unstable. Close aspects tend to be Body & Mind.

Angels embody the aspect of Order, as they originate from the Angelic Realm. Due to their association with the ideals of Order, they rarely alter their strategies and seek to achieve a perfect balance with everything to the point of stagnation.

Perfect balance
Humans, unsurprisingly, are the perfect mixture of all 5 components of life according to most studies shown. Although the ideal split between all parts is yet to be physically seen, theoretically one can have all 5 components of life be equal at one time in their life, but even so that may only last a fraction of a nanosecond due to the constant shifting power between all 5 elements.

Metaphysical, Supernatural

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1 Dec, 2018 14:26

This is wonderful! I would never have thought of Undead as being "body", but the rational works so well. Good job!

1 Dec, 2018 14:28


29 Dec, 2018 18:59

This is really interesting, I think the concept of the "Rule of Five" is coherent and works well, but I think your examples are lacking a slight amount.   Saying that angels and demons are order and chaos respectively just because they come from those realms implies things about those realms, but I think it could be more plainly stated. "because the infernal realm is chaotic and breeds a being that doesn't have any focus on the order of the cosmos, preferring to find their way, moment to moment, through the chaos that they perceive life to be.   Also, I think, perhaps you could provide a solid example where you show how all of these aspects balance in a normal creature and how they might react in a different manner should an aspect be altered. Could really help to solidify the concept!   Thanks for sharing! :D

29 Dec, 2018 20:57

Added the perfect example. But thanks already for the comment!

29 Dec, 2018 21:33

Fantastic, and very interesting! Are there other good examples of embodying all 5 aspects, aside from humans?

29 Dec, 2018 22:56

Not directly, as Humans itself also suffer from being so diverse in this aspect.

29 Dec, 2018 22:28

A straight-forward but well-explained article!   As such, my question is not so much a potential addition to the article, but is there a magical/powerful benefit to achieving the perfect balance, however brief?

29 Dec, 2018 23:01

Well, it's best said that if one can keep amplifying the five elements in such balanced state, one could technically achieve godhood without it driving one's being into a bloody crash. Too much body may cause mutation, too much mind can cause crippling omnipotence, too much soul can make one an emotional wreck, too much chaos can break one down to the atom and too much order can turn one to a solid rock. If one can keep amping up all 5 elements in a good balance, it could technically allow one to push beyond mortal limits.

8 Jan, 2019 11:29

I find this article quite good, clear and concise with an interesting idea. One thing that bugs me, however, is how you explain the link between angels and order.   When talking about an order-driven species, I would imagine rules and regulations to be at the center of society, with severe punishments for individuals who would break them, for example. Here, I don't really understand what ties the angels to order, except by opposition to demons who embody chaos. In fact, by saying they seek to achieve balance, I feel we're left to wonder why they are not the most balanced species in place of humans.   This is a bit confusing to be honest, which is too bad because the rest of the article is fantastic and all other examples feel completely logic. Good job on the article nonetheless !

8 Jan, 2019 17:50

I think balance may be the wrong word then though. I would say more stability. They seek to bring the world to such a stable nature to the point it downright goes into stasis: Nothing changes, everything is streamlined to the point of flawlessness and the idea of an independent thought has been abandoned. Where demons can literally be so chaotic they can change strategy mid-battle, angels would be taking the best defence and stick with it for as long as possible. The best way to describe them is "stubborn pricks" who would have a plan and stick to it down to the point.

8 Jan, 2019 18:46

Coming up with the right word can be complicated, but maybe perfection would work. Balance would imply they look for the same amount of everything while a quest for perfection, should they consider something as already perfect, would mean they want it to stay that way forever, not leaving room for change, as some kind of order pushed to the extreme maybe?

8 Jan, 2019 19:05

That would be it yes. Unstoppable force (demons) meets immovable object (angels). Once they have found the idea of perfection, an angel can easily keep this mindset for millennia if not eons. They're predictable as all hell with the same plans being repeated, though their plans are often waterproof and so subtle that by the time you know they are occurring it's already too late to fight back.