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Shrine of the Hexblade

The Shrine that holds the infamous Hexblade, a sword of arcane power, the artefact of the goddess Guinevere herself.


The room is a large, 60 by 60 by 60 cube, having been engraved in arcane writings and the story of Guinevere's rise and fall, all of it beautifully portrayed by the followers.


The entrance to the room is one large gate, standing about 8 feet wide and nearly 12 tall, with an arc on top depicting several arcane runes into the doorframe itself. The frame itself lacks any doors, though by the looks of arcane runes cared onto the floor, the room is sealed off by arcane magic, preventing most evil creatures from entering the room or coming even close to the Hexblade.


The only valuable thing in the shrine room is mainly the Hexblade itself, a mighty and deadly weapon that can ignore the armour of those it cuts.

Room, Religious, Shrine
Parent Location
Temple of the Hexblade
Owning Organization
Order of the Hexblade

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