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Realm of Fabulae

784 years after the Great Sangfroid War

The Realm of Fabulae is a fantasy setting set nearly 800 years after the Great Sangfroid War. A world of various cultures, religions, ideologies and ideas, but sharing a single important goal through all of it: to tell the tale of life. From the simplest of villagers to the greatest of heroes, every person has a story to tell, a legend to hold in their name or even a rumour spread throughout the inns. Everyone has something to pass on to the next generation.

The World

So much to do, so much to see! It would take several lifetimes to explore only a fraction of it! Where should I begin?


Every place in Fabulae has a story to tell one way or another: from the Himminskalm mountains to the Crescent Sea, the big trading port of Faramund to the City of Eden, hidden under the shade of its gigantic tree. Everywhere you can find things such as ruins, dungeons, hamlets, towns, cities, forgotten battlefields, forests, lost towers or even supernatural phenomena that defy some aspects of reality.

Then there's the multiverse of the Cosmic Hourglass: from the Faelands to the Outsider realms of the High Heavens to the Abyss, the elemental pillars to even the domain of dreams known as the Ashen World, there's so much more to explore than just the plane of Fabulae itself.


Fabulae has a wide array of races that live upon it, from the mere Humans to Elves and Dwarves, Catfolk and Ratfolk, even things like Goblins and Kobolds are races that dwell around the world. Each species brings their culture, their religion, their customs and their inventions to the realm.

Some species have the blood of beings of interdimensional beings: Aasimars and Tieflings with Angels and Demons respectively, Elementals having all kinds of children such as Ifrits, Undines, Sylphs and Oreads, to not even begin of the existence of Fae. There's more than enough to pick from, so choose what species you want to be part off!

Looking to play?

The world of Fabulae is always looking for more eager adventurers willing to take on the helmet of explorers, heroes and more! Visit the cover below and see what you need to know in regards to rules and Character Creation. If anything is confusing, be free to hit me up on Discord!