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Realm of Fabulae

784 years after the Great Sangfroid War

Nearly 800 years after the Great Sangfroid War, Fabulae is finally beginning to see its heroes rise up once more. A world where champions and adventurers faded into a dark age, begins to see a new future emerge with hope on the horizon. But yet the problems of the past haven't all been wiped out yet. Horrors lurk in the shadows of the realm, corruption tainting the roots of civilizations.
Are you willing to step forth and be the hero of this story? To be the next tale told in stories and sung by bards?

Tales Forgotten By Time

Fabulae has been around for its fair share of eons, having civilisations rise and fall on a whim, species appear and go extinct. Amongst the now standing empires lie the ruins of a dozen others, some of who have their name erased from the history books. And for some, these ruins tend to be the perfect places to salvage forgotten artifacts from the ashes of mankind.

Tales Waiting To Be Forged

With a new age bringing the end to the dark ages, Fabulae now is standing on the edge of drastic changes. Heroes once more rise, industry seems to emerge and fuel a new age of technology, as the world is striving once more for an age of glory. But even so, the horrors of the past are still waiting out there, waiting to strike once more...

Live to tell a story, tell your tale so that people want to remember you.

Fabulae is used for Pathfinder campaigns. Anyone is free to join the game, as long as you are willing to respect the rules!