Walker's Artic

"The forgotten continent to the north is inhabited by intelligent races. Though many individuals see no tactical or trade significance to the arctic. They're probably right, but we have to confirm that suspicion."   ~Unknown Pathfinder of the Arctic Exploration Division


The Walker's Arctic is a large landmass to the north of the Hinterlands. The land is a mixture of frozen planes and mountainous peaks that pierce the sky. Frosted lakes sit at the base of most mountains. Others are man made by the Tuv or the clans of Yeti that make their home in areas that don't have access to freshwater naturally. In the summer season the snow melts enough for some shrubs and other fauna to poke through.

Fauna & Flora

The most common creature in the Walker's Arctic are Yeti. Most Yeti are solitary creatures, but occasionally there will be multiple Yeti, which is identified as a clan, living in the same area or cavern system. The Yeti normally hunt other creatures but in times of desperation will start hunting more intelligent game such as Giants, Dragonkin, and Humanoids. Yeti do not farm like civilized society. They instead depend on the natural magics of the shamans in their tribes to enhance the growth of fauna and game in the area.   The most common fauna is the snow lily that spread like wildfire across the plains of the arctic. The flower is able to survive the harsh winters for multiple months. When the summer season starts to melt away the snow lily will start to blossom shortly after. The pollen of the snow lily is spread by creatures was it clings to its fur, skin, or clothing before drifting off at a later time. The seeds are most commonly transported to different locations via the excrement of the creatures that eat it.
Alternative Name(s)
Ice Walker's Domain, Tuv Lands
Desert, Ice
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species


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