Venom Spitter

"Venom Spitters are a variation of lizard folk that have an interesting venom sac that can project the venom over a distance of 30 feet. Trust me it's a sight to see so long as you're not the one being spat at."   ~ Unknown Pathfinder

Basic Information


Unlike the standard lizardfolk the venom spitters are mutations that utilize a venom sac as part of their self defense. The sack rest right above the epiglottis that can produce about 15 milliliters of venom over a 24 hour period. What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they dilute the venom with their saliva and directly injecting the venom via their bite.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The venom spitters dislike any and all other creatures and will actively engage and kill any who dare enter their territory. In addition to their territorial nature they also do conduct raids on towns and cities outside the Verdant Jungle. Their tactics are straight to the point and focus more on brute force than tactics. They are a take no prisoners type race and will kill anything that they consider a threat or food. Any diplomacy will fall on deaf ears and pleas of mercy are met with cruel laughs.


Venom spitters are not domesticated nor are they social creatures. If any non-venom spitter that interacts with one will usually end up dead if they can't escape them and keep ahead of them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The venom spitters are located in the Verdant Jungle and have no other place they claim as home.

Average Intelligence

Venom spitters prize themselves on knowing how to hunt and kill. They don't practice any type of complex magic or architecture.
Average Physique
Venom spitters are large individuals that average about six feet tall with a bulky build. Their underbellies are softer than the scales across the rest of their body.


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