"If you want to go to medical school you have two choices. Firstly, you have the Fortwright University of Medicine. Most likely the easiest to get into since your not a Heathen. My recommendation is the University of Pathological and Surgical Studies. That one is very tough into though. Everyone wants to get into it so you better have a good admission project."   ~ Unknown Physician


The city of Tudo is ruled by Calth Frankenstein but the duties of managing the city is delegated to his assistant Albert. Though Calth is not directly involved Albert always considers his plans and goals in decisions. This has lead to a mostly free city where there are very little laws in the city. Though there's nothing stopping people from committing nefarious deeds most do abide by the laws established by most civilized societies.   Tudo has a higher tax rate than most cities in Und. The taxes are utilized to ensure that the university is properly funded and can reduce the cost of admission.


The city of Tudo was discovered by Calth Frankenstein during the Age of War as a way to escape the conflict between the churches and the gods. During the construction of the city Calth started to develop plans for a medical school as the center piece of the city. As word got around that there was a haven from the war some flocked to Tudo. This new abundance of citizens sped up the construction of Tudo.

Points of interest

Though not a tourist attraction the University of Pathological and Surgical Studies draws the attention of any that visit Tudo. The campus is considered by all physicians in Aedran as the best school to attend for medical school. Though many do have an issue with the lack of patient safety that is implemented in their teachings but the positive results in research and treatment offset the discomfort of their practices.


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