Totem of Bestial Fury

"Rage and anger aren't only human emotions. Animals can feel it too. They can tap into it without inhibition or fear. The Totem of Bestial Fury only makes it worse."   ~ Unknown Scholar

Manufacturing process

One the body has been impaled onto the object an hour long ritual must be performed to morph the body and trap the spirit of rage.


Those that follow Baphomet tap into their rage when they hunt and slaughter their prey. A few chosen individuals are blessed with the knowledge of how to trap a spirit of rage into a totem. The first appearance of one of these totems was during the Age of War during the Slaughter of Glur. As the warriors and beast of Baphomet were being pushed out of the gate and routed to choke points his champion impaled a soldier on his pike. A sudden inspiration struck him as he rose the now dead soldier. Words spilled from his mouth in a language he did not understand. The body writhed and twisted its bones bursting from the body and morphing into a roaring bestial skull.   With this totem in hand the champion screamed and plunged the base into the ground. A wave cascaded over the field bolstering Baphomets soldiers and striking fear and confusion in the people of Glur. After the slaughter was complete all the bodies were piled at the base of the totem before the horde continued deeper into the country. Since the first appearance there are very few accounts of these totems being utilized in warfare or located throughout Aedran.


This artifact symbolizes the rage of Baphomet and his ideal of how the world should be. The world should be ruled by the strong and that rage is the only fuel you need to slaughter your foe.
Item type
Unique Artifact
30 lbs
Raw materials & Components
A body of a recently slaughtered foe and an object that the body can be impaled on.


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