Succubus Sickness

"Oh man she has the succubus sickness. I feel so bad for her parents. I can only imagine the embarrassment that they feel seeing their daughter."   ~ Unknown Villager


Those that suffer from succubus sickness have an insatiable sensation for sex or any type of sexual behavior. No matter who or what is providing the sexual gratification they will always want and need more. They continue to attempt to fill this need to the point where they will skip meals and sleep. As the condition progresses they will lose inhibition and start to force themselves upon anyone and everyone. This usually results in repeat imprisonments and sometimes an involvement of the church. Sometimes an exorcism is performed but to no avail. Eventually the individual starves to death or the body gives out to exhaustion.


There is no current treatment for Succubus Sickness. There are current trials being conducted at the University of Pathological and Surgical Studies but no findings have been publicized at this time.


Any who are diagnosed by a physician or the clergy to have succubus sickness have no chance of recovering. Some suggest that the individual is killed humanely or to be sealed away before they commit sins that damn their souls.

Affected Groups

Succubus sickness seems to affect any humanoid individual with an unknown source of this sickness. Some believe it only affect Heathans but it seems to be indiscriminate on whose affected.


Prayer is believed to stop the succubus sickness but currently does not provide protection.

Cultural Reception

If an individual is suspected of having the succubus sickness all the populace can do is stay out of the individuals way knowing that they're not going to get better. The actions that these individuals take to please themselves goes beyond whats considered normal and embarrasses the family of the sick individual.


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