Safel Confederation Declaration

"During the Age of War, as the Divines raged across the Multiverse, mortal wars also took place. All in the names of which God was right. Whom would really control the material plane in the end. At the end of the Age of War the world was in shambles. Gods banished. Continents Fractured. Humanoid races broken. Finally a beacon of the first steps of restoration took place. The signing of the Safel Confederation Declaration was signed. An the rest is history."   ~ Safelian Scholar


The Safel Confederation Declaration is a treaty between Angelus, Karthazan, Narthar, and Arcet during the Age of Renewal. The four signatory countries are recognized as the major political powers in Safel, and all territories in the countries are considered under the control of the country they reside in.

Document Structure


Territory can be disputed legally in court or through acts of war which allows the minimal territorial requirements, in accordance with the declaration, to be negated.   In addition if one, or more, of the territories is on the losing side of a war the losing country must made reparations to the victors in addition to being forced to an armistice of all military forces for 50 years.

Legal status

He document is considered valid within the continent of Safel to determine territorial boundaries of the four major countries. The boundaries are malleable and can be voted on by the majority leaders of the representative powers of each country with respect to the minimal territorial requirements per country.

Historical Details


It is considered a natural treasure and a copy of the document is held in the Capital of all of the signatory countries. The original is held in the Endless Archives in Ioun's domain to retain authenticity in addition to ensure the document remains protected for all of time
Decree, Governmental
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
Age of Renewal Year 2
Expiration Date
Currently No Expiration Date


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