"An ordrea was condensed arcane essence. What makes it so special is that it was not only that is it physical manifestation of arcane essence; it's also the only material that can also give a mundane mortal the ability to cast spells with little to no training. We need to rediscover how to make this. With that weapon we can win the war."   ~ Queen Anna


Ordrea can turn anyone into an arcane spell caster. It can also make an arcane spell caster even more dangerous and give them access to spells and abilities that they wouldn't normally have access to.


Ordrea is not currently manufactured and the process of manufacturing was lost during the Age of Umber.

Social Impact

Back during the Age of Umber ordrea was a common material that all individuals had access to. Even the poorest member of a society had small fragments of the material. If you lost yours it had to be bought. Major cities utilized this material to create massive cities that could survive in the sky or deep underwater. It also powered mechanism that far surpass the current ages technology.   In the later years ordrea started to become rarer and rarer as the wealthy and the more powerful arcanist started to horde the material for their own personal means. This caused an uprising of the citizens. In the civil wars when the common folk were able to claim some of the material for themselves they used it for destructive purposes. This undisciplined use of evocation drew the attention of other creatures that fed off of carrion and magic.
Access & Availability
Ordrea is currently unavailable nor has any usable remnants been recently discovered.
Utilizing the material for spell casting was not a complex endeavor. In the other disciplines and applications it required some know how.


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