"He's a capable individual who has a brilliant mind that seems to be ever processing information. Eventually it'll get him killed, or it'll make him immortal. The jury is still out on which one it'll be."   ~ Decay, Mortis Touched

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A hairless tabaxi wearing dark leather armor towers over most humanoids. Its hairless body is covered in scabs and sores that ooze. A long blade is sheathed across his back its tip about 6 inches above the ground.

Physical quirks

Nergule has never suffered any of the negative effects of any illness hes contracted in his life. This physical quirk has been the center to a lot of the prejudice he's experienced. It 's a blessing though to him and to Calth. With Nergule's ability to be a natural host for all diseases this has allowed both to study rare diseases that would normally kill individuals quickly.

Personality Characteristics


Nergule's main goal is to study how diseases present themselves physically and how they affect creatures other than the standard humanoid.


Contacts & Relations

Calth Frankenstein is one of Nergule's closest allies outside of the Hunters. Both provide each other with assistance with the others studies. Calth also provides the Mortis Touched with medical care and an establishment in the city of Tudo.

Social Aptitude

Most individuals that meet Nergule are instantly put off by his appearance. It takes a lot of convincing for individuals to willingly interact with him for short amounts of time. Rumors surround him indicating that only a monster can walk around in the state that he's in and survive. These rumors still persist even when he proves time and time again that he has no nefarious intentions.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Hairless and covered in scabs and sores
6'2 (5'8 when hunched)
180 lbs


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