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"Lyndale is a village I'll never go to. Not only are the Tuv there savages they also trade with the local Yeti. Makes you wonder if the cold has finally gotten to their brains long ago and they just haven't been right since."   ~ Unknown Pathfinder Arctic Division


Lyndale is only inhabited by Tuvs and Half-Tuvs. There is occasionally a small tribe of Yeti that will visit the village to conduct trading.


The village is ruled by a single elder who is elected after the death of the previous elder has passed into the Endless Frost. There are simple laws that ensure the safety of the village but nothing as complex as the laws of Tov-Ran or the Shifting Sands.


Though Lyndale doesn't have much it is still a target for nomadic Orcs and other territorial creatures. All members of the village are trained in providing some type of assistance in the defense of the city. Children run supplies around while those of age will take up arms and engage whatever is thereatening their village.


The village has no attractions nor any businesses that would draw anyone but the desperate. All goods are traded for as the society of Lyndale has no use for coin.


The surrounding area of Lyndale is a harsh arctic wasteland save for the hot spring in the center of the village. This area is frequented by all members of the village and the Yeti that visit. The spring provides not only a much needed water source but also a bath house.

Natural Resources

Besides the water source provided by the spring in the village the Dali also cultivate lichen and pearlwort. These are two main staples of the diet of the Dali.   Foxes, moose, and deer are the main game that are hunted for their meat and furs. Fish is occasionally captured from farther springs or natural cracks in the icebergs.
150 Tuvs
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