Calth Frankenstein

"Genius. Insane. Handsome. Creepy. Weird. All words that are very accurate to describe Calth Frankenstein. Though one word I would use to describe him is recluse. I've never seen him outside of his school save for the time he was with his apprentice. Sometimes we wonder if he's actually living or just a figment of our imagination."   ~ Citizen of Tudo

Mental characteristics


Calth Frankenstein is a self taught scientist and doctor who specializes in epidemiology and general surgery. Though the way he goes about it is seen as a tad unethical. When he needs a specimen he will have individuals contracted out to recover an individual that meets the description of what he needs. The family that this member is taken from are given funds to make up for the "volunteer" service they're providing. If the specimen dies whilst in service the family is paid again and the body is return after its been sterilized.   Another issue is that Calth does not utilize the safest practices when conducting surgeries. Most specimens are only given a local anesthetic and must suffer through the pain of the surgery or biopsy being performed. If the surgery is on a major organ that is vital to life Calth will provide an anesthetic but will quickly bring the specimen back to consciousness. This makes recovery after these surgeries more painful. Some have expressed these concerns in his practices but Calth believes that the only way to understand the consequences of your actions is to make the patient experience the pain. Improper nicks can be numbed by medication and you will not learn you cut improperly and you'll keep doing it over and over.


Calth Frankenstein is a head professor at the University of Pathological and Surgical Studies in the city of Tudo.


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