Agnexand Church of the Dawn Marshal

"There are few churches of the Dawn Marshal that aren't beautiful. The one of Agnexand isn't an exception. Though this church is different it houses a Knighthood that unifies the different members of the Council of the Nine."   ~ Unknown Church Member

Purpose / Function

The Church of the Dawn Marshal in the city of Agnexand is different than the other churches of the Dawn Marshal. This church is supports the Knighthood of the Syrs, an up and coming Knighthood that is dedicated to strengthening the bond of the different churches in the Council of the Nine. Though they do not have much recognition the church provides them training, lodging, and will even request other churches to perform religious services in recognition of the unification the Syrs are trying to foster. Many other churches to the Dawn Marshal see these actions as heretical to the tenants of the Dawn Marshal allowing the evil in their bounds.   Many look to Queen Anna to determine if this Knighthood should exist or if it's a threat to Tov-Ran. Queen Anna has never officially made a statement but her silence is seen as an unofficial support of the organization. Syr Moag Knight of the Bloody King is seen as a rival to Queen Anna but it seems that Moag is more than happy to serve under the Queen. Syr Moag has been tasked by the Queen to conquer the Ogres Throat for Tov-Ran. This task has been quite difficult for Moag as there not only having to deal with the Shifting Sands armies but they also have to deal with the Utagoshian pirates that make their way into these waters.


The members of the church do not commit themselves to defending the church and will escape to the crypt allowing the city defense and the Knighthood of the Syrs to defend the place.


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