"The Aaja are an interesting ethnicity of Tortle that live on the unclaimed island near Brozia. Little is known about them culturally as they are naturally suspicious of outsiders. They luckily aren't hostile and seem to have very little guards around their graveyards. We received a specimen and they have some coin to assist them with their trade. Now enough talk scalpel."   ~ Calth Frankenstein

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Quiet, Water, Brave, Farmer.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Aaja see themselves as the protectors of the surrounding ocean. They do interact with the sailors and traders of the sea. If the individuals are malicious to the wildlife, pollute the ocean in their view, or are harsh to the denizens of the island.

Shared customary codes and values

All of the Aaja share a common appreciation for nature and a deeper appreciation for the ocean and aquatic wildlife.

Common Dress code

Most of the Aaja will cover themselves in paints and fauna. The color of the paint signifies the duties of the Tortle in the society. Red for the workers and guards. Blue for the farmers and hunters. Green for the physicans and the druids.

Art & Architecture

The Aaja will assort shells and stones to decorate the interior of their houses. If broken shells are found they will craft them into jewelry or statues. Most of the Aaja do not practice stone carving nor jewel crafting and trade for them when the opprotunity arises.


Courtship Ideals

When an Aaja finds a a possible mate the male will go into the ocean and look for shiny objects, colorful stones, and other appealing objects. When enough of these objects are gathered they will create a mound on the beach decorating it with the objects that they gathered. Once created the male will bring the female to the mound. If the female finds the mound appealing the mating ritual will begin.


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