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Michael O’Rian

Michael Gilfrey O’Rian

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Michael O’Rian was born in 1876 to an Irish family in Belfast, Ireland, Michaels parents were proudly in love and decided to have a child together, Michaels parents would stay together for all of his childhood.   In Michaels early teens he began associating with common street thugs and thieves. Michael would begin to take a liking to robbing and thievery, Michael was also very good at it. In 1890 Michael was a part of a heist in the Bank of Ireland at only 14, Michael was the one who kept the horses ready but he was still important.    In 1891 both of Michaels parents were killed in a shootout between the Irish police and a murderous gang titled the Hilltop Gang. After this event Michael would grow a hatred for both the Hilltop Gang and law enforcement.   In late 1891 Michael was sent to an orphanage in the slums of Belfast. Michael hated everyone there and always kept leaving to have fun or to rob stupid citizens. In 1892 Michael left the orphanage for the last time. Michael found a boat heading west and decided to sneak aboard.   Michael was successful in his attempt to move to the U.S. arriving in New York in late 1892. Michael didn’t know where to go so he decided to get a bit of money, buy a horse and start travelling further west. Michael was able to get money from some easy steals in New York and bought a horse that he named after his mother, he named it Shauna.   Michael would eventually land in the settlement of Strawberry, West Elizabeth in 1893. Outside of the hotel he met 2 strangers, these stranger’s names were Gunther Schmidt and Duke Wayne. Michael would be approached by these men as they attempted to swindle him out of his money, Michael laughed in the 2 men’s face as he showed that he had both of their wallets already in his jacket pocket. Michael was introduced into the Black Bison Gang only a day later.   In 1894 Michael was riding through Blackwater with Angus Gordon, Gregory Westford, and Durant Thomas when he saw two of the members of the Hilltop Gang, Michael stopped his horse and approached the men. Michael began attempting to convince the men that he was inspired by the Gangs work. Michael shooed off the other men he was with and spent a while with the Hilltop men. Michael got them to leave the safety of Blackwater and into the Great Plains. Michael viciously murdered one of the men and made sure the other told the leader of the Hilltop Gang, Dalton McNeil that Michael was gonna kill him if he ever stepped foot in America, Dalton never did.   In 1897 Michael was one of the many members to be stricken down by the combined forces of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the Ricky Paul Gang that attacked the Black Bison Gangs Camp. Michael was remembered fondly of by the surviving members of the gang.


Gang member of the Black Bison Gang

1876 CE 1897 CE 21 years old
Belfast, Ireland
Biological Sex
Short Red Hair
Skin Tone
Pale White
197 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
The Black Buffalo Gang

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