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The various races of Rawath

There are many races in Rawath.   This article is no longer up to date, and contains outdated and inaccurate information.       Humans
  • humans are found everywhere but Pheoqopone, which is to hot for them to survive
Elf there are several different types of elves, but as a whole they have a couple similarities among them.
  • Flame Elf: these elves tend to live in hot areas and are good with fire magic and are often accomplished blacksmiths, but most do not agree with The Order of Flame's Rebirth
  • Wind Elf: the most common type of elf, there isn't much special about this type of elf
  • High Elf: these elves are accomplished scholars and mages. they are not very religious and are the closest race to figuring how the world was made
  • Wood Elf: these elves tend to live in forests, these elves make great archers
  • Drow: these elves live underground. they commonly war with the dwarves and perform dark experiments
Beastkin Despite the fact that beastkin appear to be a mix between humans and various creatures, they are not closely related to either.
  • Wolves: Wolf beastkin are easily recognizable by the monochrome fur, large wolf-like ears, which are on the side of their head, and a bushy tail of similar length to their height. They work well with people they trust and are naturally suspicious of people they don't know.
  • Cats: Cat beastkin are very graceful and agile. they are also easily distracted.
  • Harpies: Harpies appear to be a mixture of a person and a bird. as such, they are capable of flight. they are often bright tropical colors
  • Centaur: Centaurs have the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human. they are very fast and are able to pull great weights.
  • Fox: Fox beastkin are sly and clever creatures, however they are also not trusted in most places and often form moving caravans of merchants and gambling dens.
  • Kobold: Kobolds are small bipedal creatures with dragon like features. they speak the language of dragons in dog like yips. they are just as good at digging in the ground as the dwarves are, but don't go at it with the same vigor as the dwarves do.
  • Lamia: Lamias have the upper half of a person and the lower half of a snake which ranges in length from 3-7 feet long. lamias are capable of mustering great strength with their tails, but aren't very graceful with it.
  • Bunny: Bunny beastkin, also referred to as "Rabbits", are not the strongest of the races of Rawath, but they live together in large villages.
  • Bat: Bat beastkin are similar to harpies that they can fly, but they tend to be nocturnal and don't work well during the day.
  • Arachne: Arachne are similar to centaurs in appearance, with the notable difference of being half spider instead of being half horse. due to this fact, they have a hard time entering most structures and tend to live in caves as a result.
  • Drakes: Drakes come in two forms, Greater and lesser. Greater drakes are quite tall and very strong. they are also capable of flight. all drakes, depending on their color, are resistant to certain elements
  • Dwarves are short, stubborn creatures that live deep underground in massive mines and strongholds. they rarely leave their subterranean homes unless they are forced to. they have a zeal for digging that only the kobolds come close to matching. when they march to war they bring well crafted armor and weapons, along with war machines other races could only dream of making. Dwarves will hold a grudge against someone for generations. To anger one dwarf is to anger the whole family.
  • Goblins are short green creatures with a built in obsession for shiny objects, whether or not the item has any actual value. this fact leads goblins to turn feral far easier than any other race on Rawath.
  • Halflings are short sneaky creatures that are both lucky and charismatic. while some consider halflings petty thieves this is actually far from the truth and most halflings are actually quite kind.
  • Gnomes are by far the shortest race in Rawath, rarely being more than a foot tall. They are highly skillful inventors and are extremely petty, waiting years to get revenge on even the smallest of insults.
  • Orcs are a warlike nomadic race that often holds large scale battle among themselves in order to satisfy their urge for fighting. despite what other races think of orcs, orcs are not savage fighters in battle but are rather, careful skilled fighters that can utilize many fighting styles with many different weapons.

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