Ritual of the Fallen of Corvanna


The history of the death rites of the followers of Corvanna after she took up the role of death goddess. Upon the death of the highest-ranking member of her church, she arrived in person to show the ritual to the rest of the faithful. Upon her arrival using her divine magic, she split herself into her three personas the Warrior (Death), Courtesan (Pleasure), and the Fortune Teller (Fate). Each of the three personas took time anointing the body with oils and bathing the body in scents that were considered pleasurable for the fallen. After the anointing was complete each of the personas took their time telling tales of the person's life and loves as well as the mysteries of what is to come to the spirt. The Warrior will wrap the body in linens of the darkest black, the Courtesan followed wrapping the body in the finest red silk and the Fortuneteller conclude the preparation of the body wrapping the body in the finest white leathers. Upon the wrapping of the body. The body was taken to the highest point available and set upon a pyre that was prepared as the body was readied for the final completion of the ritual. Upon the placement of the body, The Goddess took her true form the merging of the three personas. Calling upon her magic the body was bathed in cold fire leaving nothing more than pure crystal shards on the ground. As she left ravens appeared taking the shards to their final resting place.


If the family or person knows their time on Ravos is limited a priest or priestess is sent for from each of the different sects of the goddess. Upon their arrival, if the summoner is still among the living they will offer comfort to the one about to cross to the goddess’s realm. If they arrive and the summoner has passed the clergy begins the ritual. Prior to the beginning of the ritual followers of the goddess are sent to create the pyre for the body in a suitable place. If there is not a place of appropriate height an elevated pyre is appropriate. Upon the passing or finding of the passing the one-day period of anointing the body begins upon the finishing of the anointing the wrapping of the body is performed. The body is then moved to the pyre and the final act of the ritual begins. The body is bathed in magic cold fire and the left-over crystals are left where they fall. As the clergy leaves ravens appear and take the shards.

Components and tools

The components of the ritual are simple but carry great importance to the goddess and her followers. Many followers will have them prepared for the clergy prior to their passing.   Blessed anointing oils Blessed incense to bathe the body Black homespun linen cloth to wrap the body for the Warrior Crimson silk the finest that can be afforded to wrap the body for the Courtesan White leather of the finest dye that can be afforded to wrap the body for the Fortuneteller


The Roles needed for the ritual are the three clergy members to perform the ritual. In some small areas, this is only a single person due to remoteness. The other important role in the ritual is the family and friends of the fallen. At the end of a ritual, the family and friends gather to tell stories and share in a period of drinking and food that celebrates the life of the fallen this gathering for some has been known to last for days. It is important to know that this part of the celebration is not a time of sorrow but one of happiness and joy.


The observance of the ritual should be performed as soon as feasible.


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