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Selesnya Conclave

The Conclave

Selesnya troops poured into the streets, emptying the nature temples, wildlife preserves, and other green spaces controlled by the conclave. The centaurs' hooves clattered on the cobblestones and the wolf-riders bounded over stone bridges. Human and elf infantry flooded through the arteries of the district. streaming past intersections and flowing around buildings. Griffons and their riders swooped down out of a blanket of low clouds, strafing past the spires. Emmara rode on the shoulder of a massive creature made of a snarl of marble, wood, and vines, her hand resting on its great head. Two more of the nature behemoths strode ahead of her. swinging their limbs in slow motion, indenting the streets with their footfalls as the other Selesnya troops ran between their legs. Below her, Captain Calomir led the Selesnya army. He rode his white war rhino, driving the Selesnya ranks forward, guiding them through the streets toward the Rakdos horde.

The voice of Mat'Selesnya



The Selesnya guild believes itself to be the voice of Mat'Selesnya—a mysterious consciousness they believe to be the manifestation of nature itself. All within the guild are considered mouthpieces of that singular voice, and they seek to expand their guild by evangelizing their message and adding members. The Selesnya message is personal as well as public; they believe that by silencing the consciousness of the individual, they can become aware of the murmurings of the Conclave, a group of dryads who serve as the spiritual transmitters of Mat'Selesnya's consciousness. The guild's goal is to subsume the identities of individual members, transforming them into instruments of the Conclave. The Selesnyans are organized into vernadi, which are small communes throughout Ravnica. Each is organized around a central tree and led by a dryad leader.


Trostani, the Selesnya Guildmaster. The triune dryad, Trostani, rules the guild. The Selesnyans, however, would say she is ultimately led by the will of Mat'Selesnya herself. Each of the three dryad identities that comprise Trostani embodies a particular Selesnya value. The rightmost head is Order, who speaks in a metered, plain chant. The leftmost head is Life, and speaks in a lilting, singsong voice. The central head is Harmony, who speaks in a silvery whisper. Each head is adorned in its own unique manner, with eyes that range from verdant green to shimmering silver. The central head of Harmony rarely speaks, but when she does, her counsel is considered by all to be sacrosanct.


Although Selesnyans believe that power is not centered in any one location, the massive world-tree Vitu-Ghazi still serves as the focus and guildhall of the Selesnya guild. Vitu-Ghazi's trunk acts as the cathedral where worshippers come from all around Ravnica, and also serves as home to the guildmaster Trostani and the Dryad Conclave.

Selesnya Conclave's Agenda

The conclave clings to the ideal of a peaceful collective in which individual desires are subordinate to the good of the whole group. The guild wants to see this beloved community grow, flourish, and thrive in peace. But as much as it values peace within the community, it displays incredible ferocity when that harmony is threatened. Selesnya's vision is centered on the idea of harmony between civilization and nature. To advance the cause of civilized society, the conclave believes in the need for an ordered structure that orients the group toward the pursuit of the common good. At the same time, the guild's connection with the natural world gives the conclave a fervent appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. Selesnya doesn't tolerate selfishness or ambition, instead urging its members to put the needs of others ahead of their own desires and to use the power of nature- including nature's wrath- to drive away those whose selfishness threatens the coherence of the group.


Selesnya Dryads


Ravnicans still tell tales about the Battle of Sumala where four Selesnya sentries held off an entire clan of Gruul warriors.



This stand of massive trees is guarded by an order of albino loxodon warrior-priests. The priests wear silver armor with green tabards emblazoned with the insignia of their order. Their weapons are generally blunt and made from the Ivory Oaks themselves. The strength, purity, and longevity of the oaks are the reason why they are considered sacred. Oaths and ceremonies are conducted among the gleaming limbs of the Ivory Oaks. Marriages, treaties, rites of passage, and contracts take place within the grove under the auspices of the priests. The cleric who oversees the entire site is Troslon, a rugged loxodon who is a bit of a rebel by Selesnyan standards in that he puts the natural world before the desires of the guild. This is illustrated in his defense of the sacred tree of Belokos. High ranks in Selesnyan leadership would love to claim this tree for their own, but Troslon adamantly keeps the tree open to all Ravnicans, guilded or unguilded, who wish to pay respects to the tree or utilize the properties of its magical auras.


Imagine a massive, dense forest that has been meticulously kept so that every plant and tree is left in place but has been manicured and sculpted so that it is not entangled or encroaching upon the space of another. Sumala is a giant meditation garden and home to some of the most magnificent Selesnyan architecture and scenic artistry. The Topiary Grove of Sumala is known across Ravnica and is the masterwork of an elf woodshaper named Sadruna. Sadruna's designs and techniques are sought after, copied, and duplicated throughout Selesnya and other guilds.


This is a massive series of interwoven roadways that are elevated through and high above the forest canopy. Built from polished Bijan limestone (the purest and whitest), the Great Concourse gleams in the sun. Inlaid with dark granite into the central hub is the symbol of Selesnya, and this marks the area where massive gatherings of devotees are held as well as some high religious holidays. On most days, the concourse is just used as a marketplace and highway to transport goods and move enormous beasts without destroying the immaculately manicured forest below.

seles guildgate

A Selesnya Guildgate

"Where the roots reach, there the temple rises."
— Niszka, Selesnya evangel


New initiates come to the Selesnya Conclave as children, to be brough up the by the guild's members, or as recruits drawn from the guildless or the membership of other guilds. Regardless of the path you took to get here, you start out in the role of initiate.As an initiate, you must subsume your desires to the needs of the guild while finding a way (under the guidance of your enclave's leader) to put your talents to use in service to Mat'Selesnya. This effort isn't so much a process of carrying out orders, but of gradually discerning the will of the Worldsoul and finding your place in it.


A Selesnya insignia, a healer's kit, robes, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 500 silver pieces.  


As a member of the Selesnya Conclave, you can count on your guild mates to provide shelter and aid. You and your companions can find a place to hide or rest in any Selesnya enclave in the city, unless you have proven to be a danger to them. The members of the enclave will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives in this effort. In addition, as a guild member you can receive free healing and care at a Selesnya enclave, though you must provide any material components needed for spells.



Evangels extend their hands to potential converts and welcome new initiates into the life of the Selesnya Conclave. They include fervent preachers who speak the will of the Worldsoul in the promenades and marketplaces, humble missionaries who serve among the poor in the darkest districts of the city, and even centaur warriors who evangelize in Gruul territories where words of war speak louder than prayers of peace. When you become an evangel, you gain one additional contact from a guild other than the Selesnya Conclave, which can be someone you have met in your adventures. In your new role, you belong to a vernadi and can expect help and support from that community, but you spend your time away from it, operating with a great deal of independence. When you return to your vernadi, you teach and train new initiates.


Votaries are soldiers who protect the vernadi gardens in the area immediately around its central tree. As a votary, you are usually assigned to guard duty, but your voda might also assign you to special missions that require strength of arms. While you are in the garden you're sworn to protect, the plants obey your word, allowing you to transform the foliage into ld6 awakened shrubs or 1 awakened tree for as long as a threat to the garden persists. These awakened plants won't leave the garden.


Sagittars are archers who defend key guild locations, including the guildhall at Vitu-Ghazi. Their range and accuracy are so great that a common saying has arisen among Ravnicans: "Sagittars aim their bows using maps." If a conclave mission would benefit from the support of disciplined archers, Trostani herself might call on sagittars to render aid. As a sagittar, you never have to want for arrows; the guild provides arrows to you at no cost.


Once you have been promoted above the previous ranks you can request that the voda of your vernadi bestow a Selesnya charm on you before you undertake any mission on the guild's behalf.


Equenauts are knights who ride pegasi and serve as warriors and scouts. In addition to surveilling enemy forces and terrain, they are also on the lookout for places where a new vernadi can take root. As an equenaut, you are sometimes called on to take part in military activity, but you are free to pursue your vision of how to serve Mat'Selesnya- from the back of your pegasus mount. Your mount effectively belongs to you, entrusted to your care. If it comes to harm through your negligence or mistreatment, you might be punished-perhaps to the extent of losing your position as an equenaut.


The ranks of the Selesnya clergy aren't hierarchical, yet you are honored with the title of hierarch. Hierarchs lead rites that invoke the blessing of Mat'Selesnya. bringing Selesnya's initiates into closer communion with the Worldsoul and with each other. They are assisted in these rites by less experienced clergy. As a hierarch, you can call on the aid of ld4 acolytes, even leading them on missions. You have an important voice in decision-making for your vernadi, and you are expected to offer advice and opinions to your voda when requested. Your position within the guild and your vernadi gives you access to superior food and lodging, the equivalent of a comfortable lifestyle.


The Ledev guardians are knights who were originally protectors of Ravnica's roadways but now serve the Selesnya as champions. Their ranks include a number of centaurs. The humanoids among them ride dire wolves, which they raise from pups to forge close bonds between rider and mount. If you have a dire wolf mount, it effectively belongs to you.


Chosen by Trostani herself, dignitaries act as emissaries in dealing with other guilds. As a dignitary, you must be available when Trostani has need of your service, but you have great latitude to pursue your vision of the guild's goals. You can call on 10d10 Selesnya initiates to support you in your missions for Trostani, and 8d10 initiates for a mission of your own devising. These initiates are acolytes, scouts, or soldiers. Your position gives you access to the best food and lodging, the equivalent of a wealthy lifestyle.


What the guild offers its more loyal and trusted members. Upon reaching that status, members may be given one of the following gifts.






Rules that members must adhere to.

Species and Races

Species and races typically associated with the Selesnya Combine include:


Centaurs depict creatures who have equine bodies with human torsos at the withers instead of a horse neck and head. They have six limbs, four legs ending in hooves and two arms ending in hands. Centaurs are known for their skill in battle, particularly as archers, heavy cavalry, and druids. Centaurs are fairly common on the city-plane of Ravnica, where they associate mainly with the Selesnya Conclave and the Gruul Clans. Selesnya centaurs are noble and peaceful protectors of the people.


Dryads are spirits of trees, taking a nymph-like or treefolk form to relate to the humanoids that venture near their forests. They are found on a wide array of different planes. The Dryads of Ravnica are closely aligned with the Selesnya Conclave. Dryads are believed to be in contact with the "Worldsoul" and Mat'Selesnya, the parun of the guild, was formed from the union of multiple dryads. The dryads known as the Trostani act as guildmasters and dryads that are collectively called the Conclave seek to spread the message of Mat'Selesnya among the people of Ravnica


Loxodons are humanoid elephants. They stand almost as tall as a minotaur and are just as strong. Their origin isn't well known. Ravnican Loxodons are nearly extinct. Most seek membership in the Selesnya Conclave, it being the most naturalistic of the guilds.


An elemental is a sentient being composed of elemental energy. The most common varieties are those of the classical elements, expressing themselves as Air Elementals, Fire Elementals, Earth Elementals, and Water Elementals. Created to guard the Selesnya city-tree, guardians of Vitu-Ghazi are giant-sized elementals of wood and rock made from living trees and green Selesnya crystal. There are also a race of powerful warriors, "root-kin", are associated with the Selesnya Conclave and Simic Combine. They are hulking humanoid creatures made of thick, twisting green plant roots.


A Selesnya Loxodon


Most elves look much like humans, only with pointed ears. Some types of elves have very distinctive physical features, however, such as blue or green skin or elongated limbs. Most elves live far longer than humans, but it's unclear exactly how much. Eladamri was over 150 years old and considered to be in his prime. Ravnican elves not only live far longer than humans but also mature faster. The Silhana are the Ravnican elves that are part of the Selesnya Conclave. The Silhana are master archers who stalk the rooftops of the city-plane. Some Silhana, the Elves of Deep Shadow, were cast out of the Conclave long ago and joined the Golgari.


The most prevalent species in Ravinca. They are four-limbed bipedal primates of the mammalian class.


Saprolings are cultivated, fungus and/or plant-based lifeforms. Sapro-ling literally means “putrid thing” or “thing from rot”. Saprolings exist in the urban environments of Ravnica as well. They are much more plant-like than the fungal Dominarian saprolings, resembling crystals enveloped in floral tendrils. They are particulary common in the Selesnya Conclave, where they bond with the guild's root-kin elementals.


Wurms in Magic are traditionally large limbless terrestrial reptiles. These wurms have an endoskeleton, reptilian scales or plates, and a saurian head similar to a dragon's. The Selesnya Guild uses worms as living weapons; they cover the wurms' heads in giant metal plates, turning them into battering rams. The siege wurm and armada wurm are both Selesnyan, as is the massive autochthon wurm, one of the largest creatures on Ravnica--second in size only to the worldspine wurm. The autochthon wurm is so long that it was said that it took an entire day to walk from its head to its tail.

Senators of Azorius often hired agents to spy on the Selesnya. They were told to record every spore and root they saw, as each could become a deadly foe.

Foreign Relations

Azorius Senate

"All their laws are meant to create a semblance of the unity that binds us already. If they would only be still and listen to the voice of Mat'Selesnya."

Cult of Rakdos

"They laugh at tragedy and wallow in pain. Eventually, they will submit to Mat'Selesnya. Until then, they must be contained."

Gruul Clans

"They are a desperate echo of what they should be, reaching blindly toward something greater. Such a waste. And a smelly, unreasonable, destructive one at that."

House Dimir

"Just as they hide from the light and cling to the shadows, they hide from life and cling to secrets. They see everything as a scheme, everyone a tool, instead of recognizing the power of unity and mutual growth."

Orzhov Syndicate

"An endless stream of grasping hands, reaching for more and more, pursuing their individual ambitions at all costs-even from beyond the grave."

Izzet League

"The path to unity doesn't lie in the oppressive control of a massive ego like the dragon's. The lzzet can tinker and meddle all they like, but they are doomed to failure."

Golgari Swarm

"They wallow in filth and rot, too preoccupied with death to appreciate the bliss of life's connections."

Boros Legion

"Sooner or later they will tire of their fighting, and when they do, the gentle embrace of the Selesnya will be waiting for them."

Simic Combine

"They chart a twisted course of warping and mangling life and nature. Yes, we must grow and adapt, but nature will take its own time in completing that task."

The symbol of the Conclave is one of unity, with tree supporting sun and sun feeding tree

Guild, Professional


Skills held important by the organization which it both teaches and may require as part of the promotion process.

Standard Skills

Athletics, Brawn, Dance, Endurance, Ride, Sing    

Professional Skills

Acrobatics, Healing, Language (Dryad), Navigation (Selesnya Forests), Survival, Teach, Track  

Combat Styles

Combat Style Style3
Combat Style Style2
Combat Style Style3  

seles gm

A Selesnya Guildmage casting a spell.  


Magic related to, or often times exclusive to a particular guild which can be taught to members for a small fee. Not all spells are available right away, many might be reserved for more skilled, loyal, and/or trusted members.  

Folk Magic

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Myst 1 Show Spoiler

Myst2 Show Spoiler

Myst3 Show Spoiler


School1 Show Spoiler

School2 Show Spoiler

School3 Show Spoiler


Nylea, God of the Hunt

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Karametra, God of Harvests

Show Spoiler

Rhonas, God of Strength

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A Selesnyian Druid


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