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Parhelion II (Par-Heel-Lee-Un)

The great Parhelion parted the clouds as if Heliod himself was gracing us with his presence. A beacon of hope and a warning of destruction from the Boros. It was magnificent.


The Parhelion II is a skyship rebuilt from the remains of the first Parhelion. Also known as the Response Garrison and the Floating Citadel, it is used by the Boros Legion as a flying fortress. It is home to the Boros battle angels, with griffin skyknights making up a significant portion of its soldiers as well as housing two floating warships. It patrols Boros territory as well as lending emergency aid in events of attacks and crisis. In command of the ship is Aurelia, Parun of the Boros.  

Parhelion II by Adam Paquette

The Parhelion II


The Parhelion II serves as a mobile command center and flying fortress for the Boros Legion. While it is not the first flying vehicle to have been created in Ravnica, it holds the record for being the largest. The Parhelion II patrols the skies of Ravnica to keep an ever watchful eye on the city below and offers itself as emergency aid in the event of an attack or natural disaster, as well as a vital strategic advantage by keeping itself in the sky to keep a constant view of the battlefield. It can house hundreds of Boros troops and angels, ready to be deployed at a moments notice and lay siege to any fortified location. Not only does it serve as a mobile command center, the Parhelion is equipped with powerful offensive weaponry.  


The Parhelion II is a massive structure weighing over five-thousand tons. It's height is over 64 meters and its length reaches 154 meters. It contains living quarters for those aboard as well as mess halls and barracks. When fully manned, the craft can hold as many as 2,500 personnel, including stables for winged creatures, such as Rocs. The control room sits in the center of the vessel where Aurelia commands and views the vast horizon. Just below is a functional battering ram and drawbridge for when the Parhelion lays siege to an area, or needs to extend a bridge over chasm for its troops to cross.

Above the control room is the Burning Boros Signet, the shining beacon of the Boros Legion which can dispense an incredibly deadly beam of light that incinerates anyone caught in its path. The two slabs that flank the battering ram are the Anti-gravity magic thrusters that allow the Parhelion to float above the clouds. Only Boros' most powerful and trusted sorcerers are capable of creating such an enchantment, and their secrets are guarded well. At the top of the vessel are landing strips for the Boros Skyknights, and defense platforms for protection. The wings of the Parhelion have open slots called "Angel Bomber Hatches" that allow the angelic forces to quickly leap from the vessel as drop shock troops.  

Solar Blaze by Adam Paquette

The Parhelion unleashing its greatest weapon.
"The primary weapon is nothing more than light. It shows them what they are, and they burn of their own accord.
— Aurelia



The Parhelion was first constructed as a skyship in an attempt to find out about what lies beyond Ravnica's skies, but when the angels flew it ot the edge of Ravnica's existence they encountered only emptiness. It was later repurposed as the Boros headquarters. It was located high above the city of Ravnica amonst the clouds. In times of war, the Parhelion would descend and dock with Sunhome.


During the time of the Decamillenial, Szadek, Dimir's former Parun, was enslaved by Augstin IV after he killed Szadek in prison. Augstin sent Szadek to the Parhelion to kill everyone who resided in it and gain access to the vessel. He then planned to use it to destory Prahv and the Guilds, although his plan was ultimately stopped by Agrus Kos, the Parhelion still managed to crash into Prahv. The resulting explosion destroyed much of the guild hall where it remains undisturbed and has become a wilderness preserve.


The wreckage of the original Parhelion was picked apart by the Boros and Izzet, salvaging what they could from the flying fortress. Aurelia commissioned a new Parhelion to be constructed, learning from the weaknesses of the first design she envisioned something far grander than what had come before. Years later the Boros would be sending off the Parhelion II onto its first flight from its ground base at Sunhome, where Aurelia took to the skies with her angels for all of Ravnica to see.
Owning Organization
154 meters
64 meters
5000 tons
60 mph
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2500 crewmen


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