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Nylea, God of the Hunt (Nigh-Lee-Uh)

"Enemies of the wood! Your presence here is a slap in Nylea’s face. Do not be surprised if she slaps back."
Telphe, druid of Nylea

A god of the withering forests.

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The God of the Hunt is usually aloof and thoughtful, but she is playful and joyful with her loyal companions. However, she has a feral, animalistic side and bears the responsibility of keeping the forest a safe haven for animals, preventing the spread of humans into her domain, and letting the natural world have free rein. Nylea is quick to anger and vengeance if something threatens her realm. She has complete dominance on the seasons, that she can change at her whim and delay if angered.   She is allied with Purphoros and permits him to unleash fires on the forest in order to grow new life or to keep humans away when they are encroaching too far into the wilds. However, she has a tumultuous relationship with Karametra, the God of the Harvests. Karametra is infuriated by Nylea's interference in the seasons. In turn, Nylea is disgusted by agriculture, which she sees as an aberration from the natural cycle of the world.


Nylea, Keen-Eyed by Chris Rahn




Nylea is associated with the hunt, the seasons, and the forests. Her reign over the hunt extends on predation and hunger, while with her rule over the seasons, she is also patron of metamorphosis and rebirth. She had expansive dominion over the world for thousands of years as the forests and wild sprawled over the land. She and Purphoros, God of the Forge had a loving relationship for this time. Purphoros would gaze upon her beauty and set fire to permitted forests for rebirth, and she admired his talent in creation.


Nylea valiantly protected her domain from the encroaching and looming threat of civilization. Through the use of her allied animals and direct intervention herself, she fought off wide expanses of new cities and deforestation. However, with the steady rise of the White Striders her favored creatures were slowly killed off and her forests were vulnerable to permanent destruction. With every tree felled her power diminished, and she simply could not stave off the rise of unnatural creations. Nylea blamed Ephara for rise in civilization, and has resented her with bitter distrust.


Nylea is a shell of her former self. Her vast swathes of natural beauty have been paved over by concrete and brick. Her power a fraction of what she once had, but she still lives. Though she despises agriculture, she reluctantly allows the Selesnya Conclaveto do as they wish, for they are the spearhead that ensures the protection of the last remaining forests and their animals. It is even rumored she helps supply the Gruul Clans with weapons, power, and creatures to help destroy the city of Ravnica block by block.

Worshiped by

Selesnya Conclave
Gruul Clans  

Mana Alignment


Holy Weapon

Recurve Bow  

Divine Symbol

Twin leafs  

Sacred Animal


Religious Colors

Green, Brown, Blue  


Forests, Nature, Animals, Life, Seasons, Metamorphosis  

Professional Skills

Skills that Priests may teach at major temples and gatherings
Devotion, Exhort, Survival


Acolytes of Nylea are given access to the powers she offers. Some miracles are restricted to more trusted or higher ranking members of this religion.
Beast Form
Call Winds
Clear Skies
Cloud Call
Cure Malady
Sacred Band


True worshipers of Nylea follow her commandments carefully, with those who ignore or are ignorant of such laws may find themselves praying to deaf ears, or worse.

  • Never destroy the natural beauty she offers.
  • Never offer a sacrifice in her name.
  • Bring back the natural world whenever you can.
  • Sustain yourself through the natural world as much as you can, do not rely on agriculture.
  • Plant a tree once a month in honor of Nylea.

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Nylea's Intervention by Zezhou Chen

Nylea's Intervention

  "I bring a wilderness no law can tame."
— Nylea

Seasonal Metamorphosis

Nylea is doesn't have an official day of worship, but it's common for followers to do so on the day of the new season. The first day of the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth month are the days when people gather to pay respect to Nylea. Worshipers enter her forests through Nylea's permission and spend the day planting trees, harvesting the ripe fruits of the season, and tending to her diminished forests.

Planar Encounters

Nylea may be the god that visits the mortal world the most, both in her humanoid and animalistic form, a Lynx. She was most often seen casually wandering her forests and soaking in the beauty of the natural world. Today, she could be seen hunting those who dare try to take away any of her remaining dominion and she may appear in briefly in a Gruul raid to lend aid for their cause.

Nylea's Emissary by Sam Burley

Nylea as a Lynx


Temples and Shrines

Nylea dislikes the construction of temples and cities in general. For this reason, she has no temples, buildings, or holy sites, save for trees surrounded by clouds of butterflies. When a similar tree is spotted, people know that Nylea is near. Worshipers and Clerics tend to gravitate towards the largest and healthiest trees for congregation and divinity.

Golden Hind by Cyril Van Der Haegen
A blessed creature in one of the few protected forests in Ravnica

  “It is not yours to hunt, mortal. Be content with its beauty alone.”
— Nylea, God of the Hunt.


Nylea's hatred for Ephara is far beyond that of any of the gods. Had she her former strength, she would see that this God of Polis be slaughtered by her hands and eaten by her very creatures. Ephara is the reason for this disgusting encroachment of civilization, the destruction of her forests, and the extinction of many of her creatures. She would very easily smite any clerics who would even think about worshiping both her and Ephara.

Nylea's and her sister, Karametra, have a tumultuous relationship. Their platonic unconditional love keeps them together, but their actions drive them apart. Nylea is disgusted at the prospect of agriculture, and in turn Karametra is infuriated by Nylea's interference with the seasons. Clerics have a uneasy time working together, though it is not impossible for one to have devotion to both.

Nylea once had a love affair with Purphoros. Though their love has since been broken, they still cherish a close bond and kinship. Clerics of these two faiths can easily become friends and allies, and even worship the two gods at once.

Nylea has no strong emotions towards any of the other gods.


Most of her followers are loners and outcasts. Nymphs of all kinds pay homage to her, as do sentient humanoids such as satyrs, centaurs, and many citizens of Setessa. Some come into the forest to honor her, especially to pray that the seasons will change in a timely manner. Nylea hates sacrifices and is notoriously hard to please: worshipers could as easily anger her as win her blessing. One thing she likes is acts of kindness and protection of creatures both domesticated and wild. Though it's not entirely certain, there have been rumors that she finds utter joy in the destruction of the city itself, and heavily favors those in the Gruul who worship her.


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