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Mage Bane


Material Characteristics

How does it look?

Mage Bane typically comes in small cubes, roughly the size of a sugar cube. It has a violet hue to it, and shines and glistens with distorted patterns as if it were made of ice, but is not actually frozen. In the center of the cube appears to have a sphere of dark purple with a small, frozen glow to it.  

How does it feel?

The ingredient itself feels smooth to the touch, depending on how much care was put into extracting it. It is very light and easy to handle given the cubic nature of it. The material gives off no heat.  

How does it sound?

Mage Bane does not emit any noises when handled.  

How does it taste?

It tastes very basic to the mana-less. Mages find the taste to be bitter, and often feel like their tongues are being bombarded with small electric shocks. Nothing painful, but uncomfortable. Should ingestion occur by a mage, the same electric sensations are felt throughout the journey of the material as it travels through the digestive system. Symptoms include stomach ache, light headedness, dizziness, and fatigue. Depending on how much was ingested gives different results.  

How does it smell?

Mage Bane carries with it a light flowery scent, similar to that of roses.
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