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Erebos, God of the Dead (Air-Eh-Bows)

"I found that my body had failed me almost the moment the score of arrows pierced my chest. I felt no pain, but the panic and fear washed over me like cold water. I tried to cry out for Heliod , for Iroas , but my voice was replaced with gurgles and blood. Tears ran down my face, I had so much to live for, so much more to do in my life. A few moments later I was met with Erebos. He stood there with open arms, an almost solemn look on his face. I knew that he took no pleasure in my undoing. I accepted my fate, and Erebos guided me here, where I wait for Athreos to ferry me to my new home."
Quote from one of the dead, recorded by a Cleric of Athreos.

A god of death, and acceptance.


Erebos is associated with death, misfortune, ill fate, begrudging acceptance, envy and bitterness. Born from the first shadow cast from the Sun's light, he was banished by Heliod to the Underworld. Erebos wields Mastix, a golden-handled whip with an impossibly long lash. The whip is a means of inflicting pain when he must, but its more frequent function is as a snare to pull the reluctant dead into his realm. The god of the underworld is worshiped by those who exalt death, those who desire wealth, and those who pray for acceptance of their fates. Because the dead leave their earthly wealth behind, Erebos has become associated with that wealth, as well as with the abundance of gold in his realm. Erebos' sacred animal is a snake and his divine symbol is a circle with two short vertical lines striking through the top and bottom.


Erebos, God of the Dead by Peter Mohrbacher



In Heliod's Shadow

Erebos was born the moment Heliod's shadow was cast down from the heavens. Afraid of what he had accidentally created, Heliod began to attack Erebos. There was a thunderous fight between the two that lasted for many days, but ultimately Erebos was defeated and banished to the Underworld where he reigned. He took up the responsibility to guide the dead to his realm, and if necessary drag them down into it with his whip. Although he had never asked for it, Erebos was given more and more associations to his godhood by the other deities, marking him a nuisance and something to be feared by the mortal realm.

The Breaking Point

The weight on Erebos' shoulders was beginning to become much too heavy for him to carry. The constant ridicule, ignorance, and spite for his position tore at his mind until he decided enough was enough. For years he gathered all the spirits of his realm and planned an attack on the other gods and the mortal world. On the day of the Binary Eclipse, the rare day where both a lunar and solar eclipse occurs on Ravnica and one of its two moons, Erebos launched his attack. The mortal realm was cursed with the deceased coming to life as undead. The heavens were invaded by hundreds of thousands of spirits and Erebos himself where very nearly killed Heliod himself. It took the might of all of the gods to quell Erebos' attack and to banish him once more into the Underworld.


A battered and defeated Erebos crawled back to his realm. His humiliation lasted for thousands of years, and his mark on the world forever imbued with Necromatic magics for mortals to wield. With time, Erebos learned to accept who he is and the things he must do. A begrudging acceptance eventually gave him peace in his realm and reconciliation with the other gods. Heliod still stands firm that Erebos is nothing more than a parasite, an unworthy god forever cursed and only capable of being nothing more than a shadow. To this day Heliod remains true in his hatred towards his creation.

Worshiped by

Golgari Swarm
House Dimir
Orzhov Syndicate

Mana Alignment



Holy Weapon


Divine Symbol


Sacred Animal


Religious Colors

Purple, Black, Gold  


Death, Darkness, Misfortune, Wealth, Acceptance, Envy, Bitterness, Ill fate, Inevitability, Necromancy  

Professional Skills

Skills that Priests may teach at major temples and gatherings
Devotion, Exhort, Streetwise


Clerics of Erebos are given access to the powers he offers. Some miracles are restricted to more trusted or higher ranking members of this religion.
Bind Ghost
Dismiss Magic
Elemental Summoning (Death Elemental) Excommunicate
Heart Seizure
Rain of (Substance) (Blood)
Raise Undead
Soul Sight
True (Weapon)


True worshipers of Erebos follow his commandments carefully, with those who ignore or are ignorant of such laws may find themselves praying to deaf ears, or worse.

  • Do not pry a spirit from Erebos' domain. Leave those who have gone to the next plane to rest.
  • A deep seeded hatred is like a poison. Keep it inside of you, and you will meet Erebos.
  • Accept any misfortunes given to you, for they shall return as blessings.
  • Those who have died by your hand must have two silver coins placed on both of their eyes. If that is an impossibility, then two silver coins must be laid where they had died.
  • If it is your time, embrace it.


Starfield of Nyx by Tyler Jacobson

Heliod fighting with Erebos, and Erebos' inevitable banishment.

  "We are much like Erebos. Cast out and banished into the shadows and hated by everyone despite our necessity and the natural cycle of life. Our good is overlooked by the bad. Nothing but misunderstandings and ignorant spite."
Kver, Golgari guild member

The Ginnunga Festival

The Ginnunga Festival occurs on the 15th day of 8th month in Ravnica, though in many parts of the world the specific days differ slightly. It is a three day festival to honor the ones who have passed, to make amends, and to worship Erebos. Many temples across Ravnica concurrently hold a bazaar providing a variety of cuisine and art. In the centers of these temples is a wooden scaffold with a small tribute to Erebos, where a band will play music and people dance. Every dancer is given a hat laced with an Undercity flower known as the Eftir Orchid, a flower that grows on decomposing corpses.   At the conclusion of the festival, guests are given the option to inhale Midnight Oil provided by the shaman who host the event. This purple smoke sends its user into Nyx temporarily, where they can find and connect with their loved ones who have already passed. Some people say this is nothing more than a drug that gives you a high to make you think you've gone to Nyx, but the overwhelming majority of users have claimed very similar results. Unfortunately, due to the stigma against Erebos and his followers, few people attend these festivals, where some are even disrupted and vandalized.

Erebos Smoke

Claim of Erebos by Zack Stella

A shaman beginning the Midnight Oil ritual.

  "I saw mom again, she lost weight."

Planar Encounters

Erebos rarely makes appearances to mortals in his true form. He would rather his visits in the mortal realm be subtle, hidden from the ever watchful eyes of Heliod and his wrath. It is said that the sight of a snake glimmering with the essence of Nyx is a sign that someone of great importance, or someone you know will die soon.

Erebos Snake

Erebos's Emissary by Sam Burley

An emissary of Erebos

Temples and Shrines

Erebos' temples are far an few in between. Those that are well known are often vandalized and its worshipers harassed. Many worshipers stick to small shrines and communities to pay respect to their god. Small and humble offerings of coin and Eftir Orchids are usually given to these shrines and hidden temples. Followers can construct a simple shrine by drawing his divine symbol into the ground and offering tribute. There they can pray and recharge their divine powers.


Erebos once abhorred all the other gods, but has since learned to be at peace with them. He has a remorseful view on Heliod who continues to detest him to this day.

Erebos has a friendly relationship with Athreos who he took in to help maintain the Underword after Ahtreos' banishment.


Like his temples, Erebos' followers tend to hide among the crowds of people. Knowing someone who reveres the god of death and misfortune is considered bad luck, and at the very least these people are avoided and ignored. Erebos offers extraordinary powers to his devout followers, which gives a good reason for one to want to avoid a worshiper in the first place. The Golgari, House Dimir, and Orzhov tend to sponsor his worship, and offer teachings for his power. Many clerics acquire gold infused tattoos to symbolize the inevitable grasp of the god of death.


Boon of Erebos by James Ryman

A cleric of Erebos channeling his power
  “My time will come, when life’s frantic striving will fade into the boundless quiet of death.”


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