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Azorius Senate

The High Judges

Bringing order from chaos.



Founded by parun Supreme Judge Azor I, a sphinx lawmage who authored a majority of the original Guildpact, the Azorius Senate functions as the government of Ravnica and creates Ravnican laws. The guild considers itself to be the mediator and controller of all other guilds' activities, even though most of its countless decrees are largely ignored. That's not to say the Azorius Senate is impotent, however—its legitimacy and reach wax and wane over time depending on economics, cultural trends, and the reaction to other guilds' overreach. At its best, the ultra-hierarchical Azorius Senate is just, farsighted, and impartial. At its worst, the guild is cold, stultifying, and bureaucratic.


The trias politica structure of the Azorius Senate has existed nearly since the beginning of the guild but had been theoretical and unimportant for millennia. With the dissolution of the Guildpact and the rebuilding of Prahv, the Azorius revivified the concept, and it has become deeply meaningful and reflective of the guild's structure and hierarchy.

• Sova Column. Comparable to a judiciary branch, this Column adjudicates, arbitrates, mediates, and studies the effects of Azorius law.
• Jelenn Column. This is the legislative part of the guild—the actual makers of law, including assessing the need for new laws and formulating their language.
• Lyev Column. Putting laws into practice, as well as enforcement of them, is the domain of the Lyev Column.


Dovin Baan, a Vedalken is currently regarded as the arbiter of the Azorius guild. Dovin Baan is tall, thin and always impeccably dressed. His suit is partially encased in whorls and filigrees of brass, bits of which hiss and tick faintly as he moves. Baan has an innate talent, heightened by magic, that allows him to clearly see the flaws in any system or machine. After mere moments of scrutiny, Dovin can provide a complete analysis, noting a particular machine's weaknesses, highlighting its shortcomings, and predicting with startling accuracy exactly how and when it will fail.
"The Azorius don’t just make laws. They make laws. Their laws are magical manifestations of rules."




A powerful lawmage Sphinx of unkown origin, he is remembered as Supreme Judge Azor I and the parun of the Azorius Senate. Azor was the author of most of the written part of the original Guildpact. He was present during the Clash of Two Champions, where he proposed the legal covering of the inter-guild pact for the first time. He also created the Implicit Maze. His current whereabouts are unknown to nearly everyone, and as such the guild had gone under many new leaderships over the course of its founding.


Augustin IV took control of the guild in 9,900. Augustin IV held what is perhaps the most powerful position in Ravnica on paper. As the Grand Arbiter of the Azorius Senate, he was the leader of Ravnica's "technical" ruling body, which has the most legal authority in the entire plane by far, if not the most actual authority. As Grand Arbiter, he presided over the most important legal cases in Ravnica. When such cases were not in session, he would often move from courtroom to courtroom settling disputes. Unlike many in the Azorius Senate who pride themselves on their verbosity, he is known for his brief but eloquent speech, as well as his strong personal authority. Augustin IV calls the senate together and they vote to force Ravnica into martial law under his own guidance soon after the Guildpact was broken. He later meets his end when Szadek's spirit kills him by removing his soul. A few months later, after the chaos settles down, the Azorius senate elect Leonos II as the new Grand Arbiter.


Azorius found itself guildless once again until Leonos II took power. Little is known about him, but during his time he enjoyed the same same privileges and protections of his predecessor. He led the guild strongly until his natural death, whereupon the power turned to Isperia, a Sphinx. The process of convincing Isperia to lead the guild took years, as sphinxes are aloof beings who value solitude above all. As crime and chaos on Ravnica increased in the absence of the Guildpact, however, and as its denizens more vocally demanded laws and their enforcement, Isperia decided her service was needed enough to trump her own preferences. She is later assassinated by Vraska, turned to stone and kept as a trophy by the Golgari queen.


Once the death of Isperia had been made known, the Azorius Senate fell into a moment of chaos as high ranking officials began to try and seize the chair of Arbiter. It was when a well respected and intelligent Vedalken was nominated for the position, Dovin Baan. After weeks of debate, the final vote came down to appoint Dovin as the new head of the Azorius Senate.
Azor I


The guild's uses of magic tend to fall into three functions: establish, maintain, refine (or alternatively: build, defend, improve). Although these functions might seem to map cleanly to the Columns (Jelenn, Lyev, and Sova), all three functions find expression in all three Columns.


The Azorius military, the vast majority of which belongs to the Lyev Column, can be broadly separated into mounted and unmounted soldiers. Mounted soldiers—whether they ride horses, griffins, or large beasts—are called hussars. Griffin-riders, for example, are sky-hussars. All unmounted troops are infantry. Azorius infantry are trained in line formations—phalanxes. Some phalanxes wield pikes, but the all-tower-shield phalanx, backed by mages, is a uniquely Azorius tactic used for crowd control.


The paradigm shift in Azorius methodology—from laws enforced by magic to laws designed to be followed voluntarily—has made lawmages rarer. But some magic is still required to keep the day-to-day peace on Ravnica. Lawmages create spells that compel or restrain beings and serve a constabulary function in outlying districts. Hieromancers create spells that sanctify or protect places or things. They are called in only for larger-scale challenges, and sometimes to protect wealth.


Azorius builders and architects are among the best in the world, and konstructors are those who enhance and/or accelerate their building projects with magic. The scale and speed of the New Prahv project mandated a small army of guild konstructors. The sheer height of the towers would not have been possible without them.


The Azorius tendency to talk patiently and at length is valued not just within the guild but also by the citizenry and other guilds. The term elocutor covers all communication functions, from simple messengers—who are often spirits—to conflict mediation. Vedalken elocutors are particularly valued in complex negotiations involving resources or property. Human elocutors are favored for conflicts in which emotions run high. The very best of them subtly weave enchantment into dialogue to calm emotions and encourage cooperation.


Arresters specialize in preventing or stopping things from happening. Although the Azorius mentality is different than it was in previous centuries, the guild still values the status quo and believes all action is ill-advised. ("Action is but reaction without thought," the Azorius saying goes.) Arresters come in all forms, from those whose purpose is to stop needless laws from being enacted to those who arrest criminals.
"Your potential to commit a crime warrants further investigation."
— Azorius Justiciar



The original Prahv, the so-called Spires of Order, was demolished when the Boros warship Parhelion crashed into it. Years passed in bureaucratic paralysis while the Azorius deliberated how, when, and where to build their new guildhall. Only once popular support built up and Isperia accepted leadership of the guild did the gears of reconstruction begin to turn. The site of Prahv's ruins has been given over to nature and has become a wilderness preserve.   New Prahv, at the other end of the same district, consists of three towering, three-sided columns that form a circular courtyard. The towers of New Prahv are the tallest structures on the ground in all of Ravnica. The three towers literalize the guild's structure: each houses the operations of one of the three Columns (Sova, Jelenn, and Lyev).   The towers of New Prahv also serve as an aesthetic representation of the guild's belief. It is an austere, immaculate structure, elegant but unadorned. White marble, alabaster, and steel predominate. Broad, curving hallways lead to large chambers, each of which has an array of subchambers and offices around it. Because the halls and chambers don't have many distinguishing features, visitors to New Prahv inevitably become lost without an escort.


This huge, completely flat, paved expanse is a monument to Azorius patience, tolerance, and outreach. It is a grand public forum where any Ravnican can come and be heard. To show their magnanimity, the Azorius gifted the real estate around the perimeter to the other guilds, and eight of them (excluding the Dimir) have "recruitment centers" of one kind or another in that space. The Forum contains three separate rostra, arranged in a broad, perfect triangle, where speakers can address surrounding crowds. In the middle of the three rostra is a richly inlaid Azorius signet set into the ground, about a hundred feet wide. The Azorius Senate used to enforce the law rigidly in this space, leading to its irrelevance and abandonment. Several years after the end of the Guildpact, Isperia decreed that the magic be lifted from the Forum, and now it is a healthy, chaotic, vibrant place where beings of all kinds gather.

Forum of Azor

Forum of Azor


The Azorius Senate regularly has open applications for new members. As the self proclaimed law enforcers, they actively seek out those who wish to keep law and order within the world. Gaining membership is relatively simple: Apply to any Guild Hall, have no criminal background, and pass a written and physical test. The written test varies from each city, but for the most part covers one's knowledge about laws and hypothetical situations. The physical test requires that the person be fit enough to take on the dangers that crime brings.  


New members are given an Azorius insignia, a scroll containing the text of a law important to you, a bottle of blue ink, a pen, a set of fine clothes. and a belt pouch containing 500 sp.  


You have the authority to enforce the laws of Ravnica, and that status inspires a certain amount of respect and even fear in the populace. People mind their manners in your presence and avoid drawing your attention; they assume you have the right to be wherever you are. Showing your Azorius insignia gets you an audience with anyone you want to talk to (though it might cause more problems than it solves when you're dealing with incorrigible lawbreakers). If you abuse this privilege, though, you can get in serious trouble with your superiors and even be stripped of your position.  



Your specific title depends on your role in the guild:
• If you are a lawmage or a precognitive mage, you assume the title of justicar
• If you are an arrester, you become an officer.
• If you are a bureaucrat you become a scribe.

As as Azorius official, you can call on recruits to perform mundane tasks and errands for you, but they will not accompany you into dangerous circumstances. You will also receive a modest salary.


Your new title depends on your previous role as an official in the Azorius Senate:
• If you are a justiciar, you become a deputy with a specific title, such as Deputy of Acquittals, Deputy of Indictment, Deputy of Deposition, Deputy of Arraignment, Deputy of Arbitration.
• If you are an officer, you become an imperator.
• If you are a scribe, you become an emissary.

You are recognized as an authority in your field. You gain an Azorius charm at the start of each mission you undertake on the guild's behalf. At the start of any such mission, you can secure the assistance of a squad of ld4 arresters plus one lawmage. These individuals remain with you until the mission ends. Between adventures, you earn enough money pursuing your duties to support yourself at a comfortable lifestyle.


Your new title depends on your broader interests as they relate to one of the three columns of the Azorius Senate, not on the titles you bore as an official and an authority:
• If your interests lie in law enforcement you become a minister within the Lyev Column. You recieve a specific title, such as Minister of Impediments or Minister of Fallacies
• If your interests concern the judiciary, you become a judge within the Sova Column.
• If you want a position on the legislative body of the Jelemn Column, you become a senator.

Regardless of your specific title, you can secure the aid of up to 3d4 soldiers and one or two lawmages whenever you set out on a guild-approved mission. Between adventures, your responsibilities to the guild-including supervising arresters, judging legal cases, or writing laws- earns you enough money to support yourself at a wealthy lifestyle.


As an arbiter (or capital), you serve as the head of your column. Only Isperia, the Supreme Judge, can appoint you to this position, and only if one of the three existing arbiters leaves her service. As an arbiter, all the resources of your column are at your disposal, and you have the ear of lsperia as a member of her advisory Triumvirate. You also keep the salary you earned as a minister, judge, or senator, sustaining a wealthy lifestyle between adventures.


An Azorius Peacekeeper


What the guild offers its more loyal and trusted members. Upon reaching that status, members may be given one of the following gifts.






• Never break the law
• Nonviolent confrontations are valued; subdue without harm before resorting to violence.  

Species and Races

Species and races typically associated with the Azorius


Archons are enigmatic, supernatural embodiments of the harshest aspects of law and order. They espouse a rigid sense of justice and deal ruthless punishment to those who break the law. They are commonly seen circling above the Azorius guildhall astride their winged felidar mounts, soaring alongside griffon-mounted hussars. An archon appears as an armored humanoid figure, nearly always mounted. Its face is usually shadowed beneath a large hood; those who have seen beneath the hood describe a face of celestial beauty with a stern expression and blank white eyes.


Head and wings of griffins are birdlike, the body and hindparts are lionesque. Griffins were originally piscivores, who later adapted to hunting in the streets after Ravnicas oceans dried up. Several wild griffins now stalk the city and prey on those not able to defend themselves. The Boros use them as mounts and the Azorius are known to feed lawbreakers to them. These griffins develop a resistance to magic.


The most prevalent species in Ravinca. They are four-limbed bipedal primates of the mammalian class.


Azorius sphinxes, known as sphinxes of judgment, wield hieromancy- the power of law magic- with the force of a judge's gavel to imprison criminals and compel truth from them


Ravnican spirits come in several variants, some mirroring the species they were in life, others twisted into near animalistic forms. Since the spirits of the departed usually stay active on the plane, the denizens have learned to cope with their existence, usually by leaving them small offerings to avoid their wrath. Others find themselves molested by goblins. Ways to ensure a spirit does not rise is to pay the exorbitant fee for a Proper Burial conducted by the guilds. Among the guilds, the Azorius, Orzhov and Dimir dealt with spirits. The Azorius utilize spirits as untiring bureacrats and protectors of the laws of the Guildpact.


Vedalken are tall and slender, standing almost a head taller than humans on average but weighing about the same. Their hairless skin comes in a range of shades of blue. Their eyes are darker shades of blue or violet. They lack external ears, their noses are broad and fiat, and they are partially amphibious.

Foreign Relations

Boros Legion

"Their vigilantism is tremendously dangerous without a hand to control it."

Culk of Rakdos

"An absolute blight on Ravnica. They are clowns who know nothing of culture and exist only to torment the functioning members of society."

Gruul Clans

"The Gruul are dangerous anarchists with no interest in furthering the development of civilization. They serve no useful purpose."

Selesnya Conclave

"The Conclave plays by the rules and keeps to itself. Until its members become too numerous, they are of little threat to us."

Orzhov Syndicate

"Their brazen exploitation of our laws will be their downfall. They are an insidious threat that could tear society apart from the inside."

Izzet League

"Eccentric and occasionally explosive, but generally harmless, for now. In their paranoia they have enlarged their weapon stockpiles, but they lack the clarity of vision to put them to use."

House Dimir

"A perennial thorn in our side. Though they were once our greatest foes, not even the masters of espionage can hide from our watchful eyes."

Golgari Swarm

"Their underground structures break numerous building regulations, but at least they fulfill their duties as garbage collectors."

Simic Combine

"The Simic experiment with matters that disobey the laws of nature and the laws of Ravnica. We must not let them gain influence."

"The maze-like design embodies the core of Azorius law — strict structure designed to test wills and stall change."

Guild, Professional
Training Level
Economic System
Mixed economy


Skills held important by the organization which it both teaches and may require as part of the promotion process.

Standard Skills

Customs, Deceit, Drive, Influence, Insight, Native Tongue, Willpower

Professional Skills

Acting, Bureaucracy, Courtney, Literacy, Language (Any), Lore (Law), Oratory

Combat Styles

Combat Style Unbreakable Oath
Combat Style Justice's Hammer
Combat Style Neutralize and Subdue

An Azorius Lawmage


Magic related to, or often times exclusive to a particular guild which can be taught to members for a small fee. Not all spells are available right away, many might be reserved for more skilled, loyal, and/or trusted members.

Folk Magic

Show Spoiler




Mystic 1
Mystic 2
Mystic 3




Heliod, God of the Sun

Ephara, god of Polis

Oketra, God of Solidarity

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