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As demons are drawn to suffering, angels are drawn to acts of benevolence.

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Angels are humanoid creatures on Ravnica with large feathered wings on their backs. They are fairly rare in Ravnica, being eclipsed by nearly every other race on the planet.   In the early days of Ravnica, they were worshiped as divine beings. Since then that status has dwindled as Angels, while still seen as extraordinary beings, are far less praised as part of the divine. Angels are actually minifestations of predominantly White Mana, though it is not impossible for some to be taken by other colors, especially black mana. Almost all known angels are female with rare exceptions.


Aurelia, the Warleader by Slawomir Maniak

Aurelia, Boros angel


Etymology and definition

All angels are classified as their own species, despite their very human appearance, as magicaenum divina. The generic name "Magicaenum" is an early term which referred to the essence of magic and mana, and divina as a general term for the divine. Translated it simply means "Divine Magic", or "Divine Mana."

The term angel came around later as the inhabitants of early Ravnica believed them to be servants of the gods, especially Heliod, God of the Sun. The name quickly stuck and is still used today, even by the angels themselves.

Iona, Shield of Emeria by Jason Chan

Scientific Name
Magicaenum Divina
Immortal, can still be killed.
Average Height
6-7 feet
Average Weight
200 lbs


  Hit Locations
1d20 Location
1-3 Right Leg
4-6 Left Leg
7-9 Abdomen
10 Chest
11-12 Right Wing
13-14 Left Wing
15-16 Right Arm
17-18 Left Arm
19-20 Head



Ground Movement 6 Meters (20 Feet)
Flight Movement 10 Meters (30 Feet)
Awe Inspiring
Poison Immunity
Incapable of Lying
Racial Passion: Hate Demons and Devils

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Anatomy and Physiology

Most aspects of angel physiology are closely homologous to human anatomy. The angellic body consists of the legs, torso, arms, neck, head, and feathered wings. Their wings function exactly as that of a bird's, and are strong enough to be able to carry themselves into the air to generate flight. Some angels only have two wings instead of four, as a byproduct of continued cloning and replication, though this doesn't seem to alter the amount of weight they are able to carry as they fly. It is estimated that the average height of an angel is about 6-7 feet tall and weight normally around 200 lbs. Due to their strong ties to White Mana, angels are incapable of outright lying.  

Muscle Anatomy of an angel by zenithcollector


Life Cycle and Sexuality

Angels, while having functional sexual organs, do not reproduce normally and are sterile. They may still partake in sexual intercourse if they so choose. They are not birthed by conventional standards and are instead either manifested by white mana as new beings (often thought to be reincarnation of previously killed angels), or replicated from an existing angel. Replication, or cloning, is a lengthy and taxing process that requires a particularly power angel to conduct. Replication is the closest thing that angels have to 'giving birth,' as each new angel has a slight modification from its original host, similar to genetic mutation. This is why most Boros angels have two wings instead of four.   Angels replicated or manifested always have the appearance of an adult and are almost always female. Their intelligence stems from the individual who they were replicated from, or the past lives that they have lived. As such, even newly born angels are fully capable of supporting themselves. What memories they retain vary greatly, though it is usually easy for them to integrate into society should they be missing particular memories. Angels are immortal and do not age, they retain their original appearance for their entire life. They can, however, still be killed or die from accidents.  


Angels posses no need to drink, eat, or sleep, but can do so if it pleases them. The food they enjoy will differ from angel to angel, as like any individual. They are immune to any known poisons and cannot become intoxicated.  


Angels have existed since the invention of recorded history. Simplistic paintings on pottery and preserved paintings on cave walls have depictions of humanoid figures with wings flying above early life in Ravnica. It is difficult to discern how angels evolved, or if they were merely created in the image they have currently in modern Ravnica. It is also unknown why they take the morphology of humans rather than any other species, yet have no genetic connection to humans at all. Some theorize that because humans were the most common species, that whomever or whatever created the angels simply modeled their appearance after humans.

In the early days of recorded history, angels have been mostly reclusive creatures, staying with their own and avoiding any kind forms of civilizations. It wasn't until around the Age of Kingdoms where angels had started to take a more interactive role in history. Many became holy idols worshiped by the masses and civilizations. Some became effective soldiers of war that lead armies as generals and tacticians. One by the name of Charmeine even managed to rule an entire nation for centuries before succumbing to the defeat from the Adral Empire and her subsequent execution thereafter.   Modern angels have remained the same in their appearance since their discovery. They have integrated into society well, and while they are not quite seen as holy beings, they still garner much reverence from friends and foes alike. Most of the angels in Ravnica serve in the Boros Legion with Aurelia as the Parun. Some angels have pledged themselves to the Orzhov Syndicate, and those who deem the guilds to be a force for destruction rather than good remain guildless.  
"If only an angel's wings could shelter us all."
Barrin, master wizard

Society and Culture

Angels are fairly recluse and tend to keep to themselves. Friendships can happen, and when an angel truly likes someone they can form an incredibly deep bond and kinship. Most angels have a natural sense of justice and retribution which is explained easily as beings of White Mana. As a result, most angels find themselves joining the Boros to uphold this natural feeling, though some join the Azorius Senate, Orzhov, or remain guildless altogether.  

Firemane Angels

Angels within the Boros are considered to be incarnations of the spirit of justice and revenge. They are considered to be the top members of the guild whose former Parun Razia was an angel herself. Razia created all other Boros angels as clones, reflections, or copies of herself. They all lived in the floating hall called the Parhelion. The only surviving first generation Boros angel is Feather, who became the Guildmaster after Razia's death. Following in her progenitor's footsteps, Feather created a new lineage of angels. Feather was later replaced by one of those angels, Aurelia who argued that a disgraced angel can't command authority or respect.  

Angels of Despair and Deathpact Angels

The angels of the Orzhov are those that are dissatisfied with the way the Boros works. If an angel begins to doubt their very nature or the purity of their goals that allow doubts to fester into cynicism, then they are ripe for conversion to the Church of Deals who are always welcoming of a new angel recruit. The Church offers status, respect, and power which these angels try to use to fill the empty void they feel inside of the themselves. They find fulfillment in performance and duty where they act as executioners, commanders, or pontiffs, but some crave a unique status within the guild. These angels are merciless, and only ever really appear in special occasions or when the Orzhov wishes to inspire awe and fear in onlookers.  

Deathpact Angel by Jason Chan

A Deathpact Angel

Unguilded Angels

In the wake of Aurelia's leadership and her assaults on parts of the Ravnican population through Operation Sunrise, many Angels left the Boros and become unguilded to instead help Ravnican civilizans on their own terms.  


Angels posses their own language named "Celestial", or "Angelic." This language comes natural to all angels, though it is possible for non-angels to learn. The language is very soft with few syllables, and is often referred to as the "Language of Songs" since speaking it with the proper accent sounds like one is singing.  


Many angels feel themselves above the worship of a god and instead have devotion to White Mana from which they are all born from, as the manas precede the existence of any god. Those that do find worship tend to gravitate towards Heliod or Iroas for their sense of justice and honor respectively. Orzhovian angels might worship Erebos.  

Inter-species relations

Angels tend to inspire awe from nearly everyone who meets them. There is a certain air about them that makes them seem mystical, even god-like to the average person. Of course, this makes them particular targets for those of a more illicit nature. Angels are the natural enemies of Demons and it almost inevitable that a fight will break out should one or the other ever meet. This makes the Cult of Rakdos a particular target of angellic hatred, but the feeling is most definitely mutual.  
"Some angels protect the meek and innocent. Others seek out and smite evil wherever it lurks."


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