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Scrap of misplaced notes

"My research has reached another false ending, and so far my investigations into my momentous discovery have all been naught but meaningless incursions and liabilities. But there is hope still yet. Perhaps I have been overestimating the guild care and involvement in these matters, perhaps that spoiled █████ sits atop his tower only pretending to be the intelligent scientist the ████ claims he is. But alas this only means I have more to gain! If no one else sniffs about these █████████████ of power, then I can swipe them for myself with nary a scuffle. That ██████ knows something, I've heard it in the whispers and the minds, he stuck that exaggerated nose of his where it shouldn't be sniffing and I'm going to reap the benefits of his folly. Soon ██████ will bare witness to my might, and the ██████████████████ ME!"

-Scrap of note found misplaced in rubble, some words illegible due to exposure to the elements.


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