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Orzhov Syndicate Rank and Renown

The Orzhov adhere to a very strict power structure. Positions open only at the bottom of the organization, and rising through the ranks requires utmost devotion. With increasing rank comes a greater degree of leverage over those who occupy the ranks below you.  

Rank 1: Syndic

Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher in the Orzhov Syndicate

Syndics are low-ranking functionaries. At this level of the hierarchy, you can expect deference from borrowers, who will perform small favors that require no significant risk, effort, or cost. The bulk of your work for the guild, in turn, involves doing favors for those above you.

As a priest of this rank, you can perform minor tasks in an Orzhov church: collecting tithes at the door, scheduling appointments for the senior priests, keeping ledgers, and the like. As an advokist, you copy documents, research legal precedent, depose witnesses, and otherwise assist more senior guild members. As an enforcer, you flex your muscle to collect minor debts that are of little importance to the guild as a whole.

Rank 2: Knight

Prerequisite: Rank 1 and renown 10 or higher in the Orzhov Syndicate

Each knight carries a title that expresses a quality of character, such as Knight of Penance or Knight of Despair. As a knight, you have authority over syndics, and you are trusted—so far as anyone in the Orzhov Syndicate trusts anyone else—to transport large sums of money. You also have access to sufficient funds to maintain a comfortable lifestyle between adventures.

As a priest of this rank, you hear confessions and collect penance, lead rites (and take offerings), perform ceremonies, and offer counsel to your superiors when asked. As an advokist, you represent clients in court, draw up contracts, and put your magic to use in a variety of ways. As an enforcer, you are entrusted with collecting larger sums and interacting with powerful clients.

When you're sent on a mission that poses a potential threat, your superior bestows on you an Orzhov charm (described in Guild CharmsWIP). In addition, you have the authority to demand service from borrowers, including indentured spirits. But that's an authority you must use sparingly, since their service counts as credit to their debt, and it's in the guild's interest to keep borrowers in debt.


Rank 3: Ministrant

Prerequisite: Rank 2 and renown 25 or higher in the Orzhov Syndicate

The rank of ministrant is the highest position anyone can hope to attain without being born into the guild. As a ministrant, you study finance, while managing the syndics and knights under your control. Between adventures, you can now maintain a wealthy lifestyle.

You are given a servitor thrull that is yours to command. If it is killed, your pontiff gives you a new one at their discretion, possibly up to 1d4 weeks later. You also have a staff of 2d4 Knights and 4d8 syndics under your command. You can order them only to carry out tasks that contribute to the work your pontiff assigns to you. The duty of protecting you from physical harm is always appropriate service for your knights, however. Your knights can be knights or priests, and your syndics are either nobles or acolytes (stat blocks for them appear in the Monster Manual).

Rank 4: Pontiff

Prerequisite: Rank 3 and renown 50 or higher in the Orzhov Syndicate, Orzhov birth

As a pontiff, you are one of the executive managers in charge of enacting the will of the Ghost Council. For that purpose, you have a staff of 2d6 ministrants (use the Mage or Priest stat blocks from the Monster Manual to represent them), with their attendant knights and syndics as described for rank 3. You have access to 2d4 servitor thrulls and winged thrulls at any given time, to carry messages and perform menial tasks for you. You also gain the occasional privilege of speaking with members of the Obzedat. Between adventures, you can maintain an aristocratic lifestyle.

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