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Zhur-Taa Clan

The Zhur-Taa clan advocates an extreme interpretation of the Old Ways. Central to this view is its belief in the imminent awakening of an ancient boar god — Ilharg, the Raze-Boar — who will lay waste to the overcivilized world. Led by a centaur druid called Nikya of the Old Ways, the Zhur-Taa pile up skulls as offerings to this god, and their druids perform guttural chants before and during battle that are said to be in the language of the old gods. Zhur-Taa druids are adept at summoning and training beasts as war-companions and mounts, and the clan’s warriors wade into battle alongside giant boars, other beasts, and even wurms or hydras.

Geopolitical, Clan
Parent Organization
Gruul Clans

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