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Simic Combine

The secrets of life are revealed in the laboratories of the Simic, and their research notes plumb and catalog nature’s wonders. Their original mission was to oversee issues of public health, but the Simic came to believe that complete health — of individuals and of society as a whole — depends on the mutual adaptation of nature and civilization to one another. Thus, biological experimentation has always been among its primary concerns.   Historically, the guild’s approach to its mission has been one of incremental progress toward a utopian ideal of thriving biology, and it remains more aloof from politics than other guilds. Its fundamental mission remains unchanged by the current political instability, and the isolation of its laboratories protects most Simic guild members from immediate harm.   Little is known about the combine’s founder, except that this individual’s first or family name was Simic.   The Simic guildmaster is Momir Vig, an elf who prefers to remain secluded in the guildhall, Novijen, rather than travel the city. Little is known about his history or goals. He rarely participates directly in the experiments of Simic doctors and scientists, but can often be seen observing progress from a nearby chamber.

Political, Faction / Party
Momir Vig
Controlled Territories
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