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Procession of Zobar

A tradition upheld by the Boros Legion to honor Zobar, a legendary soldier and the founder of the Wojek League. The Legion parades around the city before hosting a tournament in Rokiric Pavilion, outside Sunhome and Centerfort.   The tradition had not been held for many years, but was revived in 9999 for the Festival of the Guildpact. Prizes were funded by the Vizkopa Bank, and included a special prize of Teardrops, created by Vorel of the Simic Combine, for those who defeated a Legionnaire.   During the tournament, Shaelia Branwyn defeated Fonn Zunich in a friendly spar. Feyd defeated Dars Gostok. Sorshal defeated Yom, a viashino Legionnaire who had agreed to take a dive in order to win some money in the side betting. Osment defeated Gob, an ogre working for Lyzolda. Badger defeated Dars Gostok, as instructed by Squint.   The tournament concluded with the party members being selected to participate in a grand melee that also included Lavinia and Tajic. During the melee, Tajic was wounded in his throat and bled out, despite the Boros signets that were supposed to render all combatants' blows non-lethal. The party members, except for Lysistrata, were arrested and taken to holding cells within Centerfort.

Related Location
Rokiric Pavilion

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