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Orzhov Syndicate

Wealth is power, and you absolutely can take it with you if you’re an undying spirit living in decadent luxury on the ruling council of the Orzhov Syndicate. Built on the crushed dreams and broken bodies of citizens deeply indebted to the syndicate’s banks and loan sharks, Orzhov’s elaborate hierarchy of syndics, priests, and oligarchs exists for the single purpose of funneling wealth to the top. Beneath the twin facades of religious hierarchy and banking operation, Orzhov is an organized crime syndicate with its fingers in businesses across the city.   The Orzhov’s original function was both religious and financial, with the two functions closely related. As Ravnica’s dominant church, the Orzhov continues to preach an oppressive message that equates sin with debt and promises forgiveness to those who make tithes and donations. As Ravnica’s principal bank, it stores and secures the riches of the city, collecting interest at high rates to expand its own wealth. Its members truly believe that their work is necessary to the proper functioning of Ravnica. Although most other Ravnicans see the Orzhov for the corrupt organization it is, many people are still dazzled by the syndicate’s promises of wealth, prestige, and longevity.   The Ghost Council, also called the Obzedat, that leads the Orzhov founded the guild and signed the Guildpact, but it isn’t clear which members of the original Obzedat might have faded from existence since then and which current members have joined since.   The Orzhov are ruled by the iron-fisted Obzedat, a council consisting of the oldest and most powerful undead oligarchs. A vast hierarchy stretches out beneath them, so most interactions with the leadership of the guild are with people (or spirits) of higher rank. This hierarchy has corruption in it at every level, and at any time its members might be passing instructions down from on high or just using their underlings to pursue their own agendas of greed and ambition.   Orzhov churches and basilicas are scattered across the city, each one led by a ministrant with a staff of knights and syndics. These sites are centers of commerce clothed in the trappings of religion, where lowly borrowers come to seek atonement for their sins — atonement that is given in the form of debt and obligation.   Orzhov attorneys and advokists maintain offices near Prahv and other Azorius courts. Despite their proximity to law enforcement, these offices are centers of operation for Orzhov protection rackets and other criminal activities.

Political, Faction / Party

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